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King Kong Live on Stage
Reviewed by
Andrew Bistak
King Kong Live on Stage PS3 Review. KING KONG LIVE ON STAGE is definitely the must see musical event of the year that will leave you with a memory that will be with you for a lifetime!

Title: King Kong Live On Stage
Where: Regent Theatre
When: 15 June - 28 July
Review Date: June 2013



"... the must see musical event of the year"

The Eighth Wonder of the World

KING KONG LIVE ON STAGE is one of the most ambitious productions to be seen in Australia that boasts a cast of over 40 and an amazing 6 metre and 1.1 tonne animated King Kong that is controlled by a team of 10 men called the King's Men. Add in over 500 costumes, extravagant special effects and a 27 metre wide and 8.4 metre LED screen and King Kong has finally been unleashed on the streets of Melbourne. This outstanding stage production which took five years to make, features a stellar cast that successfully manages to draw you in from the very first seconds when it begins.

The story of KING KONG is based on the 1933 film of the same name which was created by U.S. filmmaker Merian C. Cooper. With key elements taken from the original film, the audience is taken on the rollercoaster journey of Ann Darrow (Esther Hannaford), a young woman who finds herself destitute on the streets of New York in the 1930's. Desperate and penniless, she is caught stealing an apple from a stall holder on the streets but is rescued by director and filmmaker Carl Denham (Adam Lyon) who believes that Ann will become the next big Hollywood star.

Together they travel to Skull Island where they are joined by the crew of the Venture that includes the jovial and penny hungry Captain Englehorn (Richard Piper) and the heroic first mate Jack Driscoll. Unfortunately the adventure of a lifetime for Ann shatters early in the story as she kidnapped by the local tribe and sacrificed to their god, Kong. However unlike the other sacrifices to Kong, a special bond is formed between the two but this is broken by Carl who subdues the monstrous ape and returns him to New York City in order to exploit this beast and make a quick buck or two.

Welcome to King Kong, a stage production that is like no other...

Not only is the stage production a little naughty with an almost Madonna/Burlesque song and act called Special FX that sees Ann unleash her inner actress but it successfully manages a moment that will stay with you for a lifetime when you first witness King Kong. It's almost like you are part of the story, especially when King Kong is first shown to the people of the New York City. You could almost imagine that you are part of the audience in 1930's New York as Carl Denham is about to unleash his spectacular show called King Kong.

The cast and creators of King Kong Live on Stage should also be commended on the emotions it manages to stir inside you as you are taken on this emotional journey. Whether it's the laughs from Carl and Ann or the nervous tension relayed by Cassandra (Queenie Van De Zandt) the fortune teller, the relationship between Ann and King Kong is so realistic that you'll be pressed not to shed a tear at the end of the performance.

Apart from lavish costumes and sets, the story is progressed masterfully through the giant LED screen that makes this stage production a true interactive experience thanks to the special effects. Then you have the wonderful music of King Kong that not only includes original songs created for the production but some great modernised versions of classics such as I wanna be Loved by You or Get Happy. Who would have thought that you could create a musical from King Kong but amazingly it comes together perfectly.

The Music

Act 1

Hunting Season - Carl Denham
Sweethearts on Parade - Busker Quartet
Brother Can You Spare A Dime - Gentlemen of the Company
What's It Gonna Take - Ann Darrow
I Wanna Be Loved By You - The Company
Colossus - Carl Denham
Special FX - Anna Darrow & Ladies of the Company
Perfect - Jack Driscall
Ritual - High Priestess of the Company
The Ascent
Face of Forever - Jack Driscall
Full Moon Lullaby - Ann Darrow
The Chase

Act 2

What's It Gonna Take - Ann Darrow
The Greatest Show On Earth - Carl Denham, Cassandra and the Company
Dance With Me - Jack Driscal
A Simple Prayer - Ann Darrow
Kill 4 The Thrill - Carl Denham and the Company
Get Happy - Ladies of the Company
Rise - Cassandra and the Company
Full Moon Lullaby (reprise) - Ann Darrow
Amen, Opus 35

However the two stars of King Kong are Esther Hannaford as Ann Darrow whose voice and performance really highlight the experience of this production and of course, King Kong himself. Seeing King Kong on stage is an amazing experience as this realistic and mechanical beast towers over the human cast and thanks to the 10 King's Men who operate him, they successfully manage to interact Kong with not only the cast but also the stage plus the audience.

Final Thoughts?

KING KONG LIVE ON STAGE is definitely the must see musical event of the year that will leave you with a memory that will be with you for a lifetime. From a talented cast and crew to some very enjoyable musical numbers, King Kong Live On Stage grabs you immediately from the start and takes you on a journey that will make you laugh, cry and gasp in awe from wonder and terror. Best of all, Australia is the first country in the world to experience King Kong Live On Stage and we suggest that you make the time and effort to see this amazing masterpiece.

Highly Recommended!

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