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Welcome back to Impulse Lily!

You've made a few parodies recently... Scooby Doo, Scream, Revenge of the Nerds... what was it like to star in and make these movies? 

It's always fun being on a feature set. There's a lot of sitting around waiting for your part so you get to know the other performers that you are with pretty well. Sometimes that's a good thing and you find out that there are a lot of interesting people with interesting stories and backgrounds; and sometimes I really wish they had never opened their mouths and remained a nice face with a good body and a hard cock. 

Growing up, I have always been in some sort of theater or acting environment, so I really enjoy reading my scripts and getting to know my character and bringing them to life in my own way. I just love acting. I'm proud of those movies and others that I have coming out: The Hulk XXX, Taxi Driver XXX, too many more! 

If you could make your own parody, what would it be and why?

See, this is a hard one for me. I love performing in the parodies but I'm a little tired of the lack of creativity on the industry's part. I know that these movies sell and I think that some of them really turn out great, and are sexy, and well done. Parodies are part of the porn culture and have been around forever. But I want new characters. I don't want to be a character that has already been done - I want a new one! I want fresh and edgy and something that is more than the typical parody. But if I had to pick one I would pick Constantine, or Queen of the Damned because those are two of my favorite movies. And I am a little weird and think it would be hot to fuck in any of those. Yes, I'd fuck a demon on camera, and like it. And who doesn't like vampire porn!? If you said you don't, we're not friends anymore. 

Explain one of your scenes... 

Which one? Maybe it's because I like acting - or I guess you could just call it role playing - but I like to have sex in different situations. I like to feel out the other performer beforehand. Sometimes you have the pretty standard, yet oh so hot, sex scene.... Those are always fun. And sometimes you leave work and you go, “Wow, I think we just made something fucking incredible.” It's all about how the flow and energy of the other performers work with you, what they are willing to give to the scene and what they grasp out of you. My scenes are intense, to say the least. I like to lose myself to the passion and the sexual energy. Sometimes I become the dominating woman, forceful and extreme, wanting the pain to be a part of the pleasure. Other times I am more submissive, trying to please my dominant any way I can, doing anything they ask. I like to cum, I like to give pleasure, and I like to make you the hardest you've ever been in your life. I love knowing you are all watching me; that turns me on. Making beautiful, erotic, videos for you to watch; that makes me happy. 

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

What movie are you currently making? 

Currently, I am sitting in my rented apartment in Budapest on my 6 week European extravaganza! I decided that I wanted to have a summer abroad and to fulfill a few fantasies that I mentioned in the last interview we did. 

I started my trip in Paris with my friend and performer Lou Charmelle. That was strictly for fun. But then I flew over to Budapest, where I was joined by another performer, Danny Wylde, to film, make some money, and make my own dirty movies!! I am working on 2 different movies while we are out here. One of them is a more intimate “gonzo” type movie that's basically about one lucky fan winning an all expense paid vacation with me all over Europe (Budapest, Ibiza, Bordeaux). It's all POV so the viewer will hopefully feel like it's him documenting this trip. It's very personal and nothing too extravagant. I want the focus to be on me, the viewer and this beautiful trip we share together. Some people never get to travel abroad, and I want to give them that chance. 

The other movie will be with me, Lou, Danny, and another performer that takes place all in Ibiza and it's shot in more of a “movie” style. Basically, me and Lou are two horny girls looking for trouble, sex, and excitement in Ibiza! I'm excited for you all to see both!!

Any injuries on set recently? 

Anyone have a boner yet?

Knock on wood...... No :) 

If you had to tempt someone to bed... what would you whisper in their ears? 

If you come with me, I will give you the most pleasure you have ever felt, and make you cum more times then you ever thought possible, until you beg me for sleep. 

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

What's your current fantasy? 

I'm pretty sure this has been a fantasy of mine since I was a little girl playing Starship Adventures with the boys in first grade at recess. Ok, maybe I would like Battlestar Galactica as a  parody (where I would be Starbuck) or just a similar storyline... I would love to be in some kind of action adventure sci-fi type of film where I could be strong and kick ass. Of course, at some point I'd have to be captured and tied up and then dramatically escape using my sexual tactics and smart, quick thinking. If I had super powers and/or big guns and knives that would be a plus. I don't know if any of you have watched a show called Mutant X that was around a while back, but that was one of my favorite shows as a teenager and I used to think of all sorts of crazy things when I went to bed, and make up my own stories. I wanted to see them all have sex!!!!

You told us last time that you were a foodie, have you experimented with something nice and sexy lately? (Food that is)... or do the two mix however? 

I wish I could say yes. But to be honest, when I'm in the mood to have sex in my personal life, I want to have sex. And I'll let you know in my own special way, and we will have sex. The idea never comes into my head to pull out the whip cream or to pour chocolate on your penis. I want to smell and taste you. The salt on your skin, the smell of your body. I prefer animalistic sex rather than romantic, planned-out sex. But that's me right now. Who knows what my sexual preferences will be in 5 years.

What's your favourite "bad" food (e.g. chocolate)

BREAD! CARBS! PASTA! Pretty much I love food. I would die if someone said I couldn't have carbohydrates anymore. I love all kinds of pastas and rice dishes. I usually start my day with toast and an omelet, or one of my favorite breakfast foods, Eggs Benedict. Have I mentioned my favorite meal of the day is breakfast? Sweets too. Mmm nothing is better than desert and coffee after a good dinner.

Do you work-out and if is, what's your routine? 

I can't honestly say that I work out much at all. I think I'm just an energetic person naturally and I like to keep moving and stay busy. I take the stairs, or park in the back of the parking lot, and I have really long legs so I tend to power walk a lot of places without realizing it. Usually if I'm feeling extra amped up then I will blast my favorite Dub Step or Electro House music and dance my ass off in my living room. I was always in some kind of dance class growing up: a little jazz, some tap, hip hop, it changed a lot. But I love dancing, and that's one of my favorite ways to work out. I'm done with the “trying to lose a few pounds.” It's too much pressure and I have finally come to a point in my life where I am happy with myself and like what I see. I like the natural look of a woman, like Marylyn Monroe, or  recently I have come upon a woman named Sovereign Syre

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

I find her phenomenally beautiful and she has curves, beautiful wonderful curves, luscious delectable curves. I like that. I like that my view of beauty is slowly shifting from the idealized perfection that you see on TV and in magazines or in the high fashion modeling world (the world I am from) to what is really beautiful. A natural healthy woman that sports her true build, whatever that is, with confidence. Healthy is good though. Nothing against that!!

What's something cool you've been up to recently? 

I'm trying to learn how to play my synthesizer. I am very comfortable with music and I really want to learn to make and produce electro, make my own music for my movies and for my own enjoyment. I'm not very good yet but that's what practice is for.

I live with this really cool girl Sarah Shevon and she's going to teach me to pole dance. I'm super excited for that. Hopefully this will mean feature dancing! I guess that was 2 some things.

Any other cool plans for 2011? 

I'd like to think my life is pretty cool because I make it cool. Traveling all over Europe this summer was the top of my cool charts for this year. I always have a million projects going on, and then I'm thinking of the next 4 I'm going to do after those. But right now I'm just focusing on making my movies, making my music, trying to work and also still have some kind of a social life. That's pretty cool for me.

If you could go back in time and visit yourself at age 10, what would you say? 

I would say, “Alright, things are going to get a little tough once all those hormones start kicking in. Don't panic, don't be so hard on yourself. Everything is going to turn out better than you could expect. Try not to be so angry with Mom, she's just being a good mother. Slow down. Before you know it life will speed up all on its own. Keep smiling, you are going to turn out great!” 

On the other hand, if you could go into the future and visit yourself 80, what would you ask?

That's a scary one. There is so much I would want to know. But I know that I would have to at least say this: “Wow, I can't believe we're still alive! So, did we do it? Did we make a difference in the world? Did we change it for the better?” 

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

Top three things that make you happy? 

Comfortable clothes. I'm all about homeless person chic.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music), all kinds of dance music. It's like the rhythm of my heart and the soundtrack of my soul.

My family and friends. I don't have lots of random acquaintances, my friends are true friends and I value them more then they possibly know. My family has always been so supportive of me. Some may not like what I do but they all love me, and that's all I can ask for. 

What is one country that you must visit and why? 

All of them. I can't pick one! That's like saying pick one favorite candy. Oh wait...  I got this one. Australia!! I have to go to Australia or my life won't be complete! Because I know I have awesome fans over there and I would love to meet some of them!

Seen any good films or documentaries lately? 

I was watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel last night. That's always fun. I've also watched Zeitgeist recently and a few other “conspiracy” movies. I enjoy them and I'm not sure if I should really go into in depth detail of my opinion on all of these. But I will just say I think it is important to view movies like this because though it may not be 100% factual, the points they bring up are definitely something to think about. It really gets me all fired up. I prefer to not be a lemming. 

We know you love science and history!

Yes I do!! I have been debating on buying an HD flat screen TV so that I can watch Planet Earth on it! Or any of the other specials that they followed Planet Earth with.

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

What about mainstream movies?

CHILDREN ON DUNE! I saw this one when I was a lot younger and all of a sudden, I had this need to watch it again! So my awesome boyfriend (yes I now have a boyfriend) bought me the Sci-Fi Channel's three-part miniseries that they did, and I wasn't seen for a few days. It was awesome. 

I absolutely love that movie and I wish there was more movies made that were that epic, deep, and original. 

What's in your iPod at the moment? 

I lost my iPod on a Vivid set!! I'm very sad about that. I can tell you what's on my iTunes though.  To name just a few: Apocalypitica, The Black Keys, way too much Dub Step and Electro, Florence + The Machine, The Glitch Mob.

FaceBook, Twitter or MySpace? Which one is better and why?

Facebook and Twitter because those are the ones I'm on most. Facebook is good because you can actually write a little bit and get a sensible thought out. But twitter is great because you connect with a massive population and more importantly you can post naked pictures! 

You've almost got 10,000 fans on Twitter, what will you do to celebrate? 

I'm trying to start a national boob appreciation day. And if that doesn't work then I will just have to continue making awesome movies and perhaps get really drunk while in Ibiza take my clothes off and run through the streets yelling “YAY!!!”

Do you have an Amazon wish list? What do you want? 

Yes, I do. I haven't posted it yet. I will soon. The problem is I don't know what I want! I'm a little indecisive and the things I want are kind of expensive, especially the shoes. Maybe a new iPod? Slutty clothes are always fun. See? I'm bad at this. 

You playing any games on your BlackBerry or iPhone at the moment? If so, what? 

Not really. I really like all the photo editing Apps you can get.  I'm trying to be more organized so I was pleasantly surprised to find all of the wonderful Apps for that as well. There are too may choices! Do you have any fun recommendations?

Did you really play with LEGO?

Yes, I really played with LEGOs. They were the super big ones though. I never had the patience for the really elaborate ones. I was always amazed at the creations other people made!!

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

Do you own any toys? Either that is... 

Of course I do! And I have my OWN toy coming out very soon!! It's for Doc Johnson. So now all my fans can fuck me! You can see the You Tube Video of me getting molded. Just search Lily LaBeau, and take a look at all my other videos while you're there too! I love masturbating and I love buying new toys, or even better, getting them for free!! I need more anal toys though...

Is there a nerd hiding inside you? 

Oh, she's not hiding. People just don't see her because they get distracted by the blonde hair and big boobs. But it's okay. I like being a nerd incognito. 

If so, would you choose the red pill or the blue bill from The Matrix? 

Red. I will always choose awareness if given the choice between that and a comfortable lie. 

Favourite alcoholic beverage? 

A  super spicy Bloody Mary or Long Island Iced Tea. 

Are you a Woo girl on too much alcoholic beverage? 

A Woo girl? Is that like one of those obnoxious girls that scream “woo” too much when they get drunk? I've had my moments, but if you want to label me, I would be a dancing queen when drunk, thank you very much!

Lily LaBeau Interview - Impulse Gamer

Last time we spoke to you, you were just starting, how's this going for you and why should fans BOOKMARK this? 

It's going quite well! I love having an outlet to post random pics, share my thoughts when I feel inspired to write something, and just have a place fans can really get to know me better. I am actually redoing the whole thing and hope to have it finished by the end of the year. I want it to be more professional, and clean. It will be easier for fans to view my pictures and articles, and be able to see and  purchase the movies that I'm making now.

We've been informed that you are a reincarnated goddess back on Earth... which one are you? 

Bastet - goddess of felines, love, sexuality, protection, beauty, and dance 

I'm am a cat, I think this one sums me up the best. 

What's it like being a goddess? 

I can't complain at all. It's pretty sweet. You can make holidays. You have the ability introduce people to new and exciting things involving sex. And you're pretty much allowed to do whatever you want.

Any cool perks?

Having awesome and loyal followers that brighten up my day and are actually interested in what I'm up to. It's nice to feel that love. I like my people, and I love making them happy. And free sex toys.

If you could fix or change anything on the planet right now... what would it be? 

Too much... there's too much that needs fixing right now. But I have a feeling that time is coming soon. It has to be. Things aren't working the way we've been doing them. Politically, environmentally, socially. I'm hoping people get the memo soon. Things have got to change.

Say something cool in another language and translate 

Ok I can't think of anything cool, but here's a fun fact about me.... I can say “Cheers” in over 13 Languages. I figured, at least this way I can party internationally. If you come drinking with me sometime I'll make you drink to all of them and then we will have a really good night!!

Any last words for your followers... err... fans? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview! I love you guys and I'm looking forward to the future!! I think you all will be happy with what's in store. Stay happy! Stay horny! And if your not following me on Twitter or Facebook yet... Why aren't you?! And I think you all should start a 'Bring Lily LaBeau out to Australia for a Meet and Greet with the Fans Fund!' We'll have a party and dance the whole night together! I'll bring friends you bring a smile and dancing shoes.

Thank you Ms. LaBeau! :) 

Thank you Impulse Gamer!!!


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