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XBox Reviews: Fifa 2005


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Fifa 2005
 Review Date: November 2004
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Distributed By: EA

When you mention the word "Fifa" in the gaming world, one cannot but help be impressed at the gaming franchise that EA has created, especially in the world of soccer. Nearly after ten years since their first Fifa game, Electronic Arts have one again done the impossible and have re-made their gaming franchise that once again puts players in the roles of various professional soccer teams from around the globe. The game also boasts over 350 official teams that include 18 different league licenses such as the English premiership and even the Spanish LFP. Thankfully (as always), our favourite Australian Socceroos are also ready to kick some ball!

Fifa 2005 offers a variety of different gameplay modes that includes instant action (my personal favourite) for that fast fix of soccer frenzy, tournament (challenge your world favourites) and of course the career mode that allows you to become the manager of your own team and basically work your way up the soccer ladder with over 15,000 different players to scout, bid and get background information on them. The career mode also offers gamers a variety of soccer management options and even allows you to play the game or simulate it.

The gameplay of Fifa 2005 offers soccer fans a variety of true real-world manoeuvres that includes lobs, shots, first touch passes and hammer kicks. The control system of Fifa 2005 uses a combination of the analog sticks to control your players with the game-pad used to perform your soccer plays or force your player to sprint. Fortunately, EA have increased the AI of opponent players that really increases the enjoyment and playability of the title. Another impressive feature of the game is that not all players have the same fitness level, so you cannot just run all over the field like some steroid soccer junkie which is really a nice touch of realism into the game.

Graphically, Fifa 2005 is a beautifully designed game that easily makes this game the penultimate soccer game in existence. As with many of the EA sport games, the developers have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the players look like their real-world counterparts. All the players move with a human-like grace of actual soccer players and when you switch between moves, everything flows perfectly. The stadiums have also been faithfully recreated and when you add 40,000 crazy soccer fans, it's the closest you will ever come to being at a real soccer match without actually being there. *phew* The crowd animation is also amazing and they really get into the spirit of the game, for example, flares being launched from the stadiums and before I move onto the next area, I must admit that this game has the most realistic looking grass that I have ever seen.  

The game also contains a variety of weather effects from clouds rolling over, sunny days and of course wet weather soccer playing. The uniforms of the players have also been accurately implemented into Fifa 2005 and contains all the correct colours, sponsors and propaganda that you would accept to see. Fifa 2005 has a variety of camera views from the stock standard helicopter view to more personal views that are great for action replays.

EA have gone to great lengths at the sound track of Fifa 2005 to include bands like Franz Ferdinand, Faithless and even the Scissor Sisters. The commentary of the title is provided by John Motson and Ally McCoist who do a superb at telling the player how it is. Fortunately, the commentary doesn't become repetitive and it flows quite smoothly, it should also be said that Motson and McCoist really bounce off each other. There is also a variety of soccer sounds such as the sounds of the crowd to the more mundane sounds of soccer players running on a wet field.

In conclusion, Fifa 2005 is a brilliant game that makes you wonder just how EA improves each version of this highly popular franchise. With amazing graphics, awesome gameplay and a pumping soundtrack, Fifa 2005 is easily the game that will keep you going until the next incarnation. Check it out!

- Andrew B

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