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PC Reviews: FaxTools eXPert                                                             Genre: Productivity


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FaxTools eXpert
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Review Score: 7.8/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

This great little tool is perfect for those who want the functionality of a fax machine without wanting to fork out the dollars for the machine. The entire installation only took but a couple of minutes and was very easy to get up and running.

Conveniently importing my data from Outlook was all that it took to make FaxTools my one stop shop in terms of office communication via fax and email. All that was required was typing up my fax in Word or similar word processing program and then using the software to send it out to the intended recipients. A convenient feature of this process was that it allows you to send a timed fax, to take advantage of cheaper phone times. We did a number of fax tests (to people who were happy for us to send to them of course!) and set the time to send at about 7.30pm when the rates were cheaper.

Sure enough at about 7.30 the fax fired up when we needed it to, creating a cost effective way of faxing associates interstate with our testing fax. We then set the time to send at different intervals during the evening and sat back and watched as it did it's thing on time every time. Very suprising and very similar to when the telco's do a fax broadcast.

The learning curve when using this software is remarkably minimal as we found when getting ready to test the effectiveness of it. The layout is intuitive and something that most windows users won't have a problem with when using the program for the first time.

If i was to have a gripe with the software it would simply be that the internet faxing is a bit fiddly to set up and needs to be done through a service provider. I would recommend that users keep a dial up modem on hand  in order to accommodate the use of this program. For those of you who are prepared to subscribe to one of those services, it appears that it is a cheaper way to send them though. We caught up with Christian Mollard from BVRP Software and he told us this:

ADSL users have three choices :

1) Keep their analog modems for faxing (what 90% of the people do)

2) Subscibe to BVRP's partner Venali/Vision Lab IP fax service enabling to fax via ADSL ( )

Unlike outbound faxing (sending a fax as an e-mail), inbound faxing (receiving a fax among your an e-mails) is not yet available in Australia. Venali is working on it as they opened up an office in Asia (Singapore)

Venali/Vision Lab IP fax service is already pre-configured into FaxTools eXPert

 3) Subscribe to another Fax over IP provider, for example J2 ( ) and configure the account into Faxtools eXPert. 

Be it Venali or another provider IP fax is worthy as you saves you the analog line subscription. In addition you can send an unlimited number of faxes for a better price.

Just to clarify, Christian is from France and I have not changed any of his text, in case some of you were wondering.

It seems that some of the functionality with regards to the receipt of faxes is limited to us folks Down Under for now, so if you are wanting software to do this, at least for the moment, hold to your guns until there is a suitable provider in Australia who can handle this kind of demand for the software. From what we saw, the process at the sites that Christian mentioned the process of signing up is fairly simple, as is configuring your software, however we know that some of you are going to be apprehensive about it.

In summary, I'd say that you really should grab a copy of this software if you are serious about your faxing and wanted to keep costs down. Whilst there is a downside (currently) with the ip faxing issue, it's certainly not going to hinder general use for the Australia consumers. Also remember that there is the option of signing up with one of BVRP's partners overseas.

- Tory Favro

Copyright 2004