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PC Reviews: CyberLink PowerDVD Copy                                          Genre: Productivity


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CyberLink PowerDVD Copy
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Review Score: 7.9/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

Once again it's CyberLink to the rescue when it comes to copying your media. PowerDVD Copy is a no frills powerful copying utility that will let even the novice backup any non protected DVDs. Whilst we are sure that you could backup your commercial release movies if you could bypass the encryption on them, the primary focus of the software is ease of making duplicates of movies that YOU have created.

Installation took but a couple of moments and then after a reboot (I always do that, old habits die hard), I was ready to copy some of the DV of my kids playing in the backyard. You have a couple of options with the software and that is to backup your files onto your hard drive, allowing playback from there, or to burn on the fly to DVD. Remember that to do this you will need both a DVD Rom and a DVD burner. So many people write into us saying that a program doesn't work when missing the obvious.

The thing that impressed me was the ability of the software to compress an 8.5 gb dual layer disc down to a standard 4.7 gb disc with all menu items intact. You can even select what parts of the DVD that you want to duplicate. It's simple and actually a bit of fun to do.

PowerDVD Copy also has a media player built in where you can view your movies and see how they are going to turn out before you commit them to disc. The interface for the player is intuitive and all users should have no problems using any part of this software. In the tests that we carried out in both shrinking a dual layer disc and just copying on the fly there were not any problems and the end result was a crystal clear reproduction of our DVDs.

Finally we tested the software on three different branded DVD burners to check the software's claim of being compatible with just about everything. We tried Sony, Liteon and Mitsubishi burners that were in laptops and desktop units and there was not a hiccup on any of them.

I'd recommend this software to anyone looking to make backups of their DVDs. Bear in mind that this is not a DVD editing suite and the cropping facility is about all there is to it. Remember that it will not copy everything that you put in the player due to the encryption on some discs, however for home movies you will be more than able to make good looking discs for the whole family.

- Tory Favro

Copyright 2004