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PC Reviews: CyberLink Power2Go 3                                                  Genre: Productivity


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CyberLink Power2Go 3
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Review Score: 8/10 
Distributor: Manaccom

When it's ease of use that you need when creating most small multimedia projects, Power2Go 3 has it in spades. This program allows for most duplications to occur within a drag and drop it type interface that will make using Power2Go easy and more importantly fun to use.

I carry a lot of my music on my iPod so usually use iTunes to encode my music to MP3, however for those of you who don't have one and might have a conventional player (poor fools!), or just like to store your music on your hard drive to listen to as you work on your PC, you can convert your music to mp3 or wma files with ease and convenience, choosing audio quality so you decide how good your tunes sound. Normally I encode at about 192 kbps (kilobytes per second).

For those of you making backups of favourite movies or music you can use Power2Go to quickly and effectively duplicate non protected DVDs and conventional music CDs. Simply Select the media that you need to copy and drag it over to the corresponding box on the desktop for simplistic duplication. This software will not allow you to back up your DVD movies that are software protected. It is primarily intended for those who are making backups of home movies etc.

Those with smaller hard disk drives are going to appreciate this drag and drop functionality which allows for burning on the fly. There is the facility for after a copy is completed to erase the data from CDRWs making them ready for use again. As a side note, though slightly related to this review, be aware that with poor quality CDRWs that you can sometimes have distortion with audio recordings which is actually the older data on the CD which is still there. It's always best to back up your purchased music CDs onto plain CDR discs for a one time burn. I'd really recommend that you just convert them to mp3 so you can store a number of albums on the one CD. Many new players in cars etc have the facility to play mp3s now.

Installation is simple on this software as is the case with most CyberLink products that I've been fortunate enough to have covered over the last few years and should only take a few minutes. In the testing that we undertook, there were no clicks or pops that you would sometimes associate with a copy. It was pretty much perfect. Add to that the fact that the interface also lets you select only the tracks that you wish to duplicate.

I would suggest to you that before undertaking big projects that you fully defragment your hard disk and get rid of all unessential files off your system in order to have your computer in the best possible shape to undertake this task. I have no problems in recommending this software to your users who wish for a hassle free time when making basic duplications of products that you already own. The only thing missing from this package is a CD label maker which would have only been an afterthought anyway. Recommended piece of kit.

Copyright 2004