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DVD Reviews:  Tic Tac 2 Heelflip: Australia's Skateboarding History

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: February 2004
Distributed by:
Running Time: 113 minutes





What a great disc. Tic Tac covers the history of Australian skateboarding from the 60's through to today. Using footage from a number of sources this is one sweet disc that really should be in the collection of any Aussie who calls themselves a skater.

The names on this disc are like a who's who of both Australian and international skateboarding. We get a look at the styles of the day, who was doing it and what they thought of it. Combine this with up to date interviews by guys reminiscing about the events of the time and you know that you really should be coughing up the cash in order to watch it.

It's funny how rich the history of Australian skateboarding is and considering I've been on a board since the age of about eight or so, how ignorant of the culture outside of my own circle I have been. I wasn't expecting very much out of the disc and really didn't know what would be shown outside of the Pappas brothers and I was so very pleased with it all.

This disc is an amazing tale of the trials and tribulations of the Australian scene from back in the day to present day and well worth the watch. It takes a look at the sport by those with a true love for skateboarding and casts almost a disrespectful tone on those who just took advantage of the youths in order to make a buck.

TT2H also shows us the different scenes from back in the day, and the way that the Sydney and Melbourne movements were poles apart in their approach, however both giving in a meaningful way to  the sport. I loved this DVD and I think that I've made this more than obvious. So let me say it again; if you are into skating at all and don't have this DVD, go smack yourself!


Look it ain't great however considering that we are looking at footage from back in the 60's, we are lucky that anyone held onto the film at all as you would not have thought back then that this "fad" would have lasted the way it did till today.  The later footage is great however once again suffers from the faults that you can get when using a digital video camera.

It is in this way that I think that the video for Tic Tac is sweet as hell and I don't have any complaints at all.


Good stuff and whilst not over the top, still makes for a very good audio experience.  It's in 2.0 and quality all depends on the time period the footage is from. There are no transfer errors that I can discern.


Packed with Goodies, this disc's extras are almost as strong as the main feature with another full movie included as an addon! There are the obligatory trailers, slam scenes and a pretty decent interview with skate god Tony Hawk about his impressions of the Aussie scene. It's odd but I almost thought Hawk shouldn't be on this disc.

Anyone can tell you that I am a Tony Hawk nut, but he just doesn't seem to belong and I would have preferred some more footage and interviews with Aussie skaters past and present.

The "featurette" called Canvas is a movie in itself running for about 40 odd minutes. I didn't like that I couldn't select chapters on this as it made it hard if you used a player that doesn't have the ability to "remember" a disc and where it was up to last.

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