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DVD Reviews: The Very Best of Thomas & Friends                               Genre: Children

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 89 mins





We loved this disc at our place and that wasn't just the kids. Anyone with a soft spot for this little engine will be delighted with the revisiting the very first episode aired. There are 16 episodes on this disc and all of them are full of the fun and humour that kids have come to love about the little engine with the big heart.

In case you didn't know, Thomas is a stop motion animated feature narrated for half the disc by Ringo Starr of Beatles fame. He was always my favourite narrator in this series hands down. Not because of the band he was in, just the nasal quality of his voice seemed to suit the tone of the series perfectly and the kids responded really well to it as well.

The quality of this disc is great and every episode looks good. The general quality depends on when the episode was made. Music is generally entertaining and gets the little ones excited when they realise the theme music means they get to watch another episode. Speaking of episodes, here are the episode titles:

Thomas & Gordon

James & The Coaches

Cranky Bugs

Rusty And The Boulder

Dirty Work

Paint Pots & Queens

Buzz, Buzz

Thomas & The Special Letter

Thomas, Percy & The Dragon

Trust Thomas

Thomas Comes To Breakfast

No Joke For James

Pop Goes The Diesel

Ghost Train

Percy Runs Away

Gallant Old Engine

Highly recommended!


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