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DVD Reviews: Thomas & Friends - Twin Trouble                                   Genre: Children

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 45 mins





Donald and Douglas are twin engines who love doing everything together, but after a accident, they decide to work with other engines. Everyone is trying to get the two engines to work together, however will they be able to say sorry and forgive each other? It's a fun tale, this one, with all the delightful characters (engines) that we've come to know and love from the Thomas series.

There are 8 episodes on this disc, each running for about six minutes. The kids loved them all. They are easy to understand and all contain lessons of sorts about how to deal with each other and just get along.

The narrator for this disc is Michael Angelis and he does a great job. The stories themselves are told rather dryly however are easy to listen to and very audible. Some prefer Ringo Starr as the narrator, however all that I have heard do a very competent job.

The disc looks good and all the interaction amongst the engines is clear. The soundtrack doesn't really utilise the surround system, however the kids sure as heck don't notice. It would have been nicer if this disc had run a bit longer than 45 minutes but that's about the attention span of young children.

Twin Trouble Donald, tired of working with his twin, Douglas, volunteers and goes to work with Duck. It doesn't go well at all. When Donald crashes the next day, Douglas races to the rescue. They are friends again.

Salty's Secret Salty loves the sea, and is disappointed when he finds his new job is at the quarry. Much to Bill, Ben and Mavis' surprise, he handles the troublesome trucks so well that he finishes the job in no time.

The Fogman One day in foggy Misty Valley, the Fat Controller replaces Cyril with a foghorn that is so loud that rocks fall and block the tracks and crush the foghorn. Thomas can't see a thing and crashes but Cyril comes to the rescue!

Jack Frost It's freezing and Thomas frightens Percy by teasing him about Jack Frost, but James isn't frightened at all. In the dark of night, snow arrives and covers Percy. James sees Percy covered in frost and thinks it's Jack Frost. Frightened, he races back to the sheds but the next morning brags to the others and pretends that he met Jack Frost. Percy exposes his charade and they all have a good laugh.

Scaredy Engines It's Halloween. Thomas, Percy and Duck are sent to the Smelter to collect some scrap. But after Edward's spooky ghost stories, Percy is scared and Thomas teases Percy about ghosts. Later, Thomas begins to hear strange noises and sees spooks everywhere. Thomas then apologises to Percy for teasing him.

Percy and the Haunted Mine It's competition time for 'The Most Beautiful Station' on the island of Sodor. On his way to Maithwaite, Percy, scared as usual, sees a chimney and building sink into the ground near the mine. In the end, all is explained.

Middle Engine None of the engines like being a middle engine. Being a middle engine causes Percy problems at the coaling plant where he is turned upside down!

James and the Red Balloon With the arrival of the hot air balloon, James and Thomas are afraid it will take the engines' passenger traffic away. However, they learn that the hot air balloon has attracted so many holiday makers that their passenger traffic has increased.


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