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DVD Reviews: That's Life Flick                                           Genre: Sport: Skateboarding

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: Sep 2004
Distributed by:
Running Time: 53 Minutes





Madman brings the flava this time with a great release from Foundation. That's Life shows off the skills of a great bunch of skaters and I must admit to lovin' the section with Lee Romero with one of his first pro shoots. The guy has such a natural style and grace to him that it's awesome to watch. One of the things that really stood out on this disc was how raw it was, it didn't seem to have some of the polish that you might get on other skate discs. Almost as though the guys who were filming hadn't done it before with some close calls with the skaters and a constant feel that the skater they were filming was going to land on top of them. It's funny but it was almost a new approach to filming skateboarding instead of what was really the older way. Kinda like the Crocodile Hunter getting us up close and personal with the animals! 

Fans of bomb drops will be stoked with the way that these guys attack big descents with relish, with some of the stand out stuff there coming from Angel Ramirez. Every single skater on this disc has some unique skills to bring to the party and in particular some of the kickflips that are done in the most insane places when you least expect them. It's like taking a hard trick and then upping the ante to the insane level, the tech abilities of these guys is tremendous and really makes me feel like a dinosaur at times with the ease at which they just do the tricks no probs at all. 

Audio and video on this title is crystal clear and all good. Certainly nothing to complain about. 

There are a number of trailers on this disc including bonus footage which in my opinion could easily have made it into the main feature, the standard is that high. In some ways I preferred the bonus area if only for the simple reason that there was no music, so you got to hear the always beautiful sounds of skateboarding. It reminded me of P.J Ladds part in Really Sorry when his bit is fully done without any backing music, just the sound of his board and the environment. In any case do yourself a favour and peep that out, one of the things that flipped me out was when two brand new decks in a row were snapped performing the same trick. Here is something for you to consider also, the bonus footage itself goes for a staggering 32 minutes! There are also some trailers for other skate flicks that are out from Madman.

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