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DVD Reviews:  Streets: San Francisco

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
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At first I couldn't work out this disc. It seemed a bit arty for a skate vid at first and then you got to see the skills of the skaters involved in the video. I must say that I was extremely impressed with the production values of the disc and the thought that went behind it.

Streets is a like a travel brochure for skaters who might be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area. All the popular spots in the area are visited and destroyed (skated) by local pros and legends of the area. The footage taken is surprising in that it had quite an intimate feel to it, unless many of the skate flicks you see. There was a passion for San Fran that was evident in both the way the footage was shot and the enthusiasm the locals showed for it as well.

There are a number of spots that are hit and they are:

Junipero High School
Third and Army
Fort Miley
Pier 7

Mean anything to you? Sure as hell doesn't to me, but what is evident is that these are great places to skate if you have access to them. Streets also takes a look at the local graffiti art and heaps of interviews with local skaters talking candidly about the area in which they live.

The disc has a really personal feel to it and what I found especially teasing to me was the ad for the next installment of Streets in Barcelona. I checked their website but it doesn't appear that we are going to see a DVD for a while so please stay tuned. After seeing this disc you are gonna be waiting as intently as I am for the next Streets! Recommended!


Great quality considering most source material is from a digital camera from the looks of things, though I could be wrong about that. Editing and transitions between spots has been really well done with what appears to be computer generated animations.


This is where the disc gets personal with all the tunes being put together by local artists and DJs. I loved the mix on this DVD and it made watching the spots entirely enjoyable. . Good stuff.


This was a great arrangement of extras on this disc and the focus was squarely on the scene at San Fran. There's over an hour of interviews alone with the skaters, a brief look at some of the graffiti tags that they came across during the filming and even a brief piece on the skaters favourite eating spots in the area. All said and done, very well put together and entertaining.

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