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DVD Reviews: Streets on Fire                                            Genre: Sport: Skateboarding

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: October 2004
Distributed by:





Now this was one of those discs that really took me back! Streets on Fire is an old school skate disc from Santa Cruz and features names that anyone who gives a toss about skating would have heard of. The basic story is that Jason Jessee has been caught skating in a public place and sentenced to death. Whilst he has his wait on Death Row he is visited by all his mates who have been skating all over the world and now just want to tell him all about it.

The skating on this disc is sensational and from a historical perspective shows a period of time that we as skaters were just making the transition from the stylish skating of the 70's to the vert and street styles that you see today. There's still plenty of carving on this disc though and a lot of gully skating.

For those of you who might have checked out the latest Tony Hawk game on your Playstation 2 lately, watch this one closely as Natas Kaupas does the spin that is one of your tasks in the game. It's neat to see that this was a no BS trick the guy actually performed back in the day. As far as a signature trick goes, it's pretty swell as well.

Other early footage to watch out for is Steve Alba ripping it up in some pipes and bowls. Those who keep an eye out would have seen Salba on a number of releases recently about pool skating, most notably on Chlorine and Fruit of the Vine. The guy's a legend and still out there ripping it up on the daily.

The quality of this disc was alright for most of it, however there was quite a lengthy period that  a hair or something was in the top left of the screen and that annoyed the crap out of me. It only lasts for about 2 minutes though so that was ok. Audio was pretty clear the whole way through as well. The soundtrack was amazing and a who's who of the SST label from that time featuring groups like Sonic Youth and Black Flag etc.

I definitely recommend this disc to skaters, young and old, to check out some really good skateboarding by some of the guys who changed the way that we do the sport today. I'd also like to give props to Stomp for getting this sort of product out there. It's a brave move but a good one. Bravo!

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