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DVD Reviews:  Six of the Best - 25 Years of Australian One Day Cricket (E)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 124 Minutes





A collection of six of the most memorable ‘One Day International’ matches, from the past 25 years. The matches included on the disc are:

  • 1979 : November 27 Australia Vs West Indies at the SCG

  • 1984 : February 11 Australia Vs West Indies at the MCG

  • 1989 : January 14 Australia Vs West Indies at the MCG

  • 1992 : December 8 Australia Vs West Indies at the MCG

  • 1996 : January 1 Australia Vs West Indies at the SCG

  • 2002 : January 29 Australia Vs New Zealand at the MCG

 (Stated on the case is the winner of each match, and by how much. But I’ve decided to leave you the chance of revisiting each match properly.)

Each match has only the highlights, but it helps to keep the momentum up, leaving you with an exciting two hour long tribute to some of the best cricket we are yet too see. Each match is introduced by Tony Greig, and some also include TV highlights from the lead up to the match. For example, the 1979 match was the first year too have the teams using multiple colors on their uniforms, A news report on this fact is included. You may or may not care much for this, but I can almost guarantee you’ll get a laugh at the fashion of the day. Included in the extras section are 3 other “Six of the Best” sections, the destroyers (Best Bowling spells), the big hitters (Best batting performances), and Classic catches. Normally I wouldn’t include the extras in this section, but this disc is all about “Six of the Best” and you WILL enjoy these just as much as the matches, if not more.


With footage dating back to 1979, you can’t expect a fantastic picture, and obviously not filmed in widescreen until the last match on the disc. This makes it an unusual decision to produce this disc in widescreen. If you have a standard TV (4x3) you find big black bars on the top, and the side of the screen for the first 5 matches (and for much of the extras). What is impressive is the quality that has been achieved on the old footage. Having been cleaned up drastically, the picture is more than acceptable. In comparison to the last match (the only one filmed in widescreen), you’ll find that the picture is not far off the newest footage. This is not so much a positive for the old footage, as a negative for the newest footage, suffering from picture artifacts quite badly.


It’s 2 channel audio, and really why would you want any more. It’s the cricket! I guess it would have been kind of cool to have the crowd cheers to come out of the surrounds, but all you really need to hear is the commentators, and they are clear as a bell.


As I stated in the feature section there are 3 more “Six of the Best” features, to do with Batting, Bowling and Catching. There is also 25 classic catches introduced by Tony Greig (The top six are as voted by the Channel 9 commentary team). Score cards from each game featured on the disc, and a “For the Record” section, this is the top 10 batting (too 50 and too 100), most efficient bowlers, best wicket takers etc.

This is a great collection of extras, and would be greatly valued by any cricket fan to be sure. I’m sure if Bruce McAvaney were to review this disc he definitely consider it very “Special”. And I’d have to agree with him.


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