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DVD Reviews: Redefinitions - Hip Hop Roots & Future

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: February 2004
Distributed by:
Running Time: 37 minutes





Redefinitions hip hop roots & future is a humble DVD that documents the life of various hip hop artists and how integral this music is to their lives. The DVD stars a variety of artists that include Afrika Bambaataa, Cassius D and Grandmaster Caz to name a few of the musical greats that are featured on this disc. Although the majority of the DVD features interviews, there are also some performances by Blackalicious and Sway that helps compliment the wisdom of the various artists. Simply put, Redefinitions is the true face of hip hop in America and is not the commercial drivel that we see on music videos.


The video quality of Redefinitions is a little on the poor side and the majority of footage seems to have been shot on home video equipment. Although the images are relatively clear, the colours appeared washed out and faded. Other than that, there were no errors found while viewing this DVD.


The audio quality of the disc is unfortunately as poor as the video and only supports a mono track.


Fortunately to make up for the lack of video and audio presentation, the disc does contain a few extras on the DVD. The extras include live performances, a hip hop tutorial and the Jahi music recording that accompany the main feature quite well. The extras almost makes the price of admission worthy with just over one hour of performances, concerts and the tutorial of hip hop greats.

The Final Say

Redefinitions is strictly for the music historian who wish to sample hip hop music without the commercial influence. Although the quality of the disc is rather average, the content and message that it portrays almost makes up for it.


* Live performances
* Hip Hop Tutorial
* Jahi Music Recording

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