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DVD Reviews: Really Sorry                                      Genre: Sport: Skateboarding

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
Distributed by:





This disc is sensational and I have to say from the get go that it simply is a must have disc. The best thing about this release is that it includes the original Sorry, which in my opinion, kicks Really Sorry's arse. Why is that? Well really the only reason that I have is simply that the running time of really sorry is only about 30 minutes long and the original is about an hour. There are no extras that I can find on Really Sorry, however there are a stack of things on the Sorry part of the disc that make up for this in spades. The skating on both discs is absolutely rad and that's a fact, Jack.  

It's funny to see the different personalities on this disc, including the somewhat obnoxious Ali Boulala! At first I thought who the hell is this clown, and then he got on his board, man this kid can skate like a demon possessed. Both features on this DVD are brilliant in terms of skating prowess but my favourite part overall would have to be the PJ Ladd part on Really Sorry entitled Silence is Golden. What makes this part so special is simply there is no background music at all, just the sounds of skating and it is very very cool. 

Any skater who doesn't have this needs to take a good look at themselves as it's one sweet disc (well really itís two discs rolled up nicely into one great value added package). Oh and before I go, the first Sorry also rips hardcore due to it being hosted by Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols! Not sure what the deal was there but it was rad to see the guy as I was and am a big Pistols fan. He basically mumbles an intro for each part, clearly not know who he is introducing and itís really good for a laugh. 

This DVD is distributed by Stomp and you've got to love them for that!

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