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DVD Reviews: Props - BMX Crash!                                                      Genre: Sport: BMX

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
Distributed by:





BMX Crash! is one of those odd puppies that shows nothing but bails. Now myself, I'd rather see dudes ripping it up and actually landing these tricks, however it's simply a fact of life that it doesn't work that way especially when you are hurtling yourself headfirst into obstacles trying to pull off that elusive trick. So, this disc shows guys coming off their bikes at a great rate of knots. I enjoyed this disc but certainly not as much as I'd normally enjoy a bike DVD. It was an odd one in that this disc felt a bit half hearted to me as none of the slams were truly that bad.  

Whilst I am sure that the falls hurt those involved, there just wasn't enough grunt involved for me as the view to feel their pain with them. There is one horrid scene where this guy walks past the screen and casually shows his finger and it's just been broken and it appears to be broken in more than one direction. That for me was the gnarliest injury of the whole entire disc. So kids, if you want to see guys constantly falling off their bikes then this is the disc for you. For me this disc redeemed itself in it's extras section where you got to see what was coming up and out in newer Props discs. I just hope that Stomp have the rights to distribute them all in Australia. In particular there was a how to disc that looked easy to understand and contained some really neat lessons that even a half wit like me understood.  

I'm gonna give this one a 6.5/10 as you really should either go hard or go home and this disc whilst filled with great riders doesn't do what the cover truly says. However, don't watch this and then go ride, as I reckon that you will put some sort of jinx on yourself!

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