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DVD Reviews: Mini Warriors 4                                                          Genre: Sport: Moto X

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
Distributed by:





Mini Warriors 4 is the latest installment of young folks tearing it up on motorised beasts! Seriously though, the skills shown here are absolutely amazing and these kids deserve all the props that their pro contempararies get on the daily. In fact it's all the more scary to realise that these are kids who are flinging themselves into the air on their bikes, doing insane tricks and then bringing it all back home again. If you are expecting anything less than an outstanding disc because of the age of the riders, think again as this DVD staggered me all the way through, the quality of the riders is that damn good. 

One of the first things that you will notice is that this disc is really good looking on your screen and it's because parts of it have been shot on film and totally rule. I reckon it's a tough thing for this sort of disc as you really feel like you have to keep explaining that there is no compromise at all on the disc other than the fact that there isn't a concentration of babes through it, nor is there a huge flesh show tattoo wise. In fact it could be argued that this disc focusses more on the riding than any of the other discs in this genre with 'adult riders'. 

Another thing that I loved about this disc was the old school soundtrack including the Beck track during the Eli Tomac piece, the music the whole way through is sensational and totally suits. There's a running time on this puppy of about 45 minutes and if you want to see who is up and coming on the MX scene (and who has the skills to totally kick the current pros to the curb), this is one DVD that you really need to be watching. It's simply cool as hell and a great addition to the collection; great riding without all the BS that normally occurs when the riders are a bit older. 

For those who want to really trip out, make sure that you check the Ryan Sheckler piece. I saw this kid ride at Globe World Cup back in Feb 2004, however this disc is from 2001 and he's only 11 and totally killing it. Sheckler is one of those absolute prodigies that you will have to keep your eye on as if he doesn't burn out earlier, he will be a household name one day, as he already is at least within the skating world. 

All things said and done, you won't be wasting your cash if you buy this one.

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