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DVD Reviews: Memories

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Review Date: 3 May 2004
Distributed by: Columbia Tri-Star
Running Time:
113 minutes





Memories is a collection of 3 short stories from the acclaimed director of Akira. Although he does not take up the commanders chair this time, he supervises 3 up and coming anime directors, and superbly so I might add.

You could almost be forgiven for believing you were watching episodes of the twilight zone, if not for the fact that the stories are animated. It's all slightly bizarre, and at times a little dark, but its a joy to watch.

First up of the 3 is Magnetic Rose, which is about a deep space wreckage crew who are investigating a distress call from a ship graveyard. When they get there they'll have to try and decide what is and isn't real if they are to return alive.

Next up is Stink Bomb. A story about a young man working in a medical research lab, who takes a pill which he thinks is cough medicine, but it has a side effect with his body causing it to produce what appears to be a nerve gas, strong enough to kill even everything, except somehow him.

Lastly is Cannon Fodder, a day in the life of a family, that lives in a city which is totally dedicated to firing cannons, and I do mean totally. The children at school learn about trajectories and how environment affects your shot, whilst the parents either make shells, or load the shells up to be fired.

All three are superbly done, and you will struggle to get the images out of your head for some time after you finished watching it. The first and third are highly involving, and the second is just plain fun to watch. I won't go into any more detail than to just say if you're a fan of anime, you must see this collection. If you're not yet a fan however, this is as good a place to start as any.


It's fantastic to see such beautiful reproduction of animated material. Sometimes you are left with a shadow of the original material, that just looks plain dull, but not so with this disc. All the colours look just how they're intended, and some of the images just radiate detail. Really superb stuff.


You get a rather impressive 5.1 channel mix on this disc. Not only is everything lovely and clear (although I can only assume the voices are as there are four languages, none of them English), but you are surrounded with effects, music and general atmospheric noise. That and your subwoofer will also get something of a workout during some of the action sequences, although not all that frequently.



There isn't much in the way of extras, you only get a 'making of' and a couple of trailers for other anime's. The making of doesn't really go into how it was made as much as it goes into why and who made it. It's fairly decent, and is sure to impress many viewers, but it'd be nice to have had a little more.

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