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DVD Reviews: How I Wasted My Summer                                          Genre: Sport: BMX

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
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This sweet disc falls once again into the must watch category (get sick of me saying that? Then get ready for more as the latest lot of discs that I am reviewing for Stomp simply have been kicking arse for the most part. How I Wasted My Summer is an odd beast because it totally rules, however being lucky as I am to cover a lot of stuff, I'd seen a fair bit of it on other discs. 

Basically it's meant to tell the story of a nerd who is in high school and despite all the teasing and dissing he cops on the real, he presents a film of his summer which of course involves some insane BMX adventures. There's also a guest part by Travis Pastrana which is awesome as that guy is amazing to say the least! There's some footage from a number of pros shown throughout and the whole disc is a great viewing experience from the start to the finish. It seems that anything White Knuckle gets behind is normally pretty good stuff to say the least.

It claims on the cover that How I Wasted My Summer is an epic BMX film and really I don't have any trouble agreeing with that, the whole production is very slick and a lot of fun to watch. Some of you out there will be stoked as I was to see that Nasty and Nyquist were on this disc. I love Nyquists riding from a tech point of view, but love watching Nasty as he is like the rock star version that brings the performance on and off the track. For those of you who enjoy watching Cory Nastazio ride, make sure you do yourself  a favour and get Nasty's World, also from Stomp. 


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