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DVD Reviews:  Mike Vallely Drive: My Life in Skateboarding (E)

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
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This is one incredible DVD featuring one of them old men of skating, Mike Vallely. Shot on film, Drive would have to be one of the best skating related releases I have seen for some time in both audio and video.

This is the story of Mike's involvement in skating and how he got recognised and made a pro. In Drive, we get to go on the road as Mike spreads the word of skating to kids and adults all over the world to anyone who will listen. Mike V is an odd one when it comes to skating as not everyone I've encountered likes his style whereas I think he is brilliant.

Mike's style of skating is an odd one and his skills lay in flatland primarily. But what he does a flat surface is incredible, with tricks being done that look as though they should be on a ramp.

As Mike travels, he educates those he meets how to skate and how to be grateful for what they have in terms of skateparks and ramps. You can tell that for Mike V, skating isn't just a sport or hobby, it borders on a religion. He approaches the subject with integrity and passion. It was actually this DVD that convinced me to go get a board again after almost 10 years of not skating due to family and work commitments.

Skaters will nod their heads all the way through this one and if you don't skate and even nod your head once, then grab a board and a helmet and give it a try. As far as DVDs go, this is a must have movie that I will rave about to anyone who will listen.



Gorgeous. This film has been given as much love and attention as any "proper" film. There's been some washes run through the film to accentuate clouds and the road when Mike is driving through the middle of nowhere. The movie is a real nice looking piece of work.


Sound quality on this one is good as well. The entire production smacks of attention to detail and the desire to get it right.


I really enjoyed the extras on this disc as whilst they didn't go over the top, they were a very good addition to the main feature. We got an extra skate vid by watching the FDR Session and working our way through all the bits and piece here. Great for fans of skating and even better for the many fans of Mike V.

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