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DVD Reviews: Dragon Ball GT Vols 1, 7, 8

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Sacha Chambers
Review Date: May 2004
Distributed by:
The AV Channel





The original author of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, was a man who has made something very big out of something very simple.   Each battle of Dragon Ball follows the same storyline, Good fighter (Insert Goku, or any of his crew) fights the bad guy/s in a battle that can last up to 6 episodes.  A lot of buildings get destroyed, planets are endangered, posturing pads the gaps and Gokuís crew go up power levels.  The only thing that changes between battles are the environments they take place, the protagonistís costumes and the fighting moves.  So considering the lack of depth to this show, Dragon Ball has been an amazingly successful series.   

  When I realized that I was going to be reviewing the newer ďGTĒ version of Dragon Ball I was interested to see what had been updated. In the end I realized that very little had been updated except a darker hip hop style opening to make things sound a little more ominous and slightly updated animation.  The character designs are the same, the animation is still cutesy eye catching stuff, and the plots is exactly the same.

  The show is very easy to watch, and if you just want something to veg out in front of, then Dragon Ball GT is the one for you.   

  You may be wondering why I am only reviewing these oddly numbered DVDís, and that is because this is all that we were given.  *Editor's Note - we concur with Sacha's comment here and the series was good enough that we would have scored it higher had we a more complete picture of the series, however with the huge gap missing, there were plot sequences that could not be explained or accounted for.*

 Each DVD has 3 episodes which are summated as follows:


1: Affliction. 

   Goku has been transformed back into his childhood form (complete with supernaturally large hair) and he has been caught by the evil Dr Myuu. Trunks and Goku are being scientifically experimented upon and the only one that can save them is Pan. Pan is of course captured, and itís once again up to Goku to save the day.

Goku faces off against the Mega Canon fighting forces and predictably defeats them. He then has to fight General Rilldo, who he beats easily.  Just when Goku thinks the day has been saved, General Rilldo joins his body with the Mega Canon Fighting Robots and transforms into something even more powerful.  82 minutes PG 

7: Annihilation.   

   Goku has been transformed into his highest power level possible, Super Saiyan 4, and is on the verge of beating his long time nemesis, Baby.   Just as he is about to finally destroy him, Baby transforms himself into a giant gorilla thanks to the help of his trusty assistant Bulma, and becomes more powerful than Goku.

  Gokuís trusty friend Old Kai hatches a plot to help Goku and just as things start looking grimÖ.   62 minutes PG 

8:  Salvation.

  Goku is about to be destroyed as all his power has been depleted when his offspring arrive to save the day. They recharge Goku, and a mighty predictable battle ensues, in which Baby is finally destroyed.  Once the dust settles the heroes realize that the earth is going to explode, and a mass relocation to the nearby planet Tuffle ensues.  Piccolo, having some sort of link to the black Dragon Balls, decides that he will die with the earth so that the Black Dragon Balls can never again be used to harm the earth. Just as everything seems like it might move onto a new plotline, the announcer for the series states; ďand things on earth were once again back to normalÖ.. or where they??Ē

 62 minutes PG.


Normal television viewing, no options for different formats.

  The features themselves were clear with animation that runs as smoothly as a babyís proverbial.  The characters are simple, with costumes that make them stand out, but there is still the problem with half crescent shaped eyes that take up a quarter of the face. The show itself is very easy to watch from any distance and it has some great broken city-scapes.   Half the action on DVD 7 + 8 looks as though it was lifted straight from Godzilla, but it still looks good.  


English or Japanese, no Dolby signal.

The soundtrack to these series is reliant on heavy guitar riffs to evoke that guttural angry feeling in the viewer. The translation into English is top notch as is the English written translation.


This is pretty standard with a basic menu, and a small amount of extras.  What they did do right, was to have character profiles, something that not enough other titles do.

Each DVD had:

Character Profiles- profiles on the main characters
Madman Propaganda- 3 trailers of upcoming releases Budokai 2 Playstation Game Trailer on DVDís 7 +8.
Textless Opening- on DVD 1 only

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