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DVD Reviews: Discovery Channel - US Navy Seals

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: May 2004
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time:
180 minutes





This brilliant 3 part doco covers the training and methodology behind the US Navy Seals. 

Showing footage rarely seen by the public we are lucky to witness how this elite force trains itself to be the awe inspiring battle force that it is. This documentary covers the history of the Seals and how they are used in combat today as the team that goes in hard and gets out fast. Seals are deployed as a covert force for missions where either deniability is required, or a small force can get in and do the job that a larger force would ultimately fail in. 

I was absolutely riveted when watching this documentary and thought that it was quite simply amazing. Watching training exercises and seeing how the Seals use their weapons to best effect, showed the emphasis that these elite warriors place upon trusting and relying upon each other with their lives. 

The attitudes of these men shows intelligence yet an aggressive outlook to the training. They rely on a degree of secrecy to their methods and it was actually interesting to see the fact that quite a number of the Seals really did not appreciate the camera team seeing the way that they did things. 

During the documentary we got to witness first hand the professional manner in which these modern day warriors handle themselves. It was also of great interest to see the Seals fully acknowledge that they are there to fight fire with fire. In that, they mean that on occasion they will use the same dirty tactics used by the enemy in order to shock, humiliate and overcome their foes. 

I highly recommend this very informative and educational DVD to anyone with even a passing interest in the topic. Great Stuff!

The Silent Option
In Harm's Way
Direct Action


4x3 full frame. Made for TV, this doco's transfer was nice and crisp and for the most part presented no problems at all that would detriment viewing pleasure.


Dolby Stereo mix that does justice to all the gunfire and explosions that you will get to hear throughout this feature. Many Seal exercises involve live fire and the sounds of bullets cutting through the jungle do sound awesome, along with the thump of a 50 calibre sniper rifle. It's a good mix, however I must admit that I did get a small laugh on occasion when they get the electric guitars going during action sequences but to their credit it never lasts too long.


There are none, it's a doco! Get over it already!


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