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DVD Reviews: Darkstar Battalion                                      Genre: Sport: Skateboarding

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
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What can I say about this DVD other than, get up off your bum and go and find out who the hell stocks it, and buy it now! This is the first video from the team and if it has any bearing on what we can expect from further work from them, then I am a very happy camper indeed. 

It only runs for about 35 minutes, but every single run in it rules. It was hard to pick out a favourite part, but if I had to then it would go to Chet Thomas, who is one of the brain children behind the whole project. Another good run came from Windsor James whose parents decided to give him a surname for a first name!

It's funny but it seems as I watch more and more skate DVDs that the quality keeps coming up to par. There really hasn't been anything lately that I can bitch about. I remember in the past I've complained about a disc where all the skaters hit the same spot over and over again and it happens in this disc too. The huge difference is the each of these guys absolutely destroys the spot in their own way. These guys did everything in the book and then some, including combos and transfers, absolutely sensational. 

I loved the cinematics behind the disc as well, especially the intro for each skater coming out of the heavily digitised swirling mist and then the money shot at the end with the whole team coming out of the dark. I must admit the running time will probably put some folks off but you will watch this way more than once, I guarantee it. This is a great looking disc with a sensational soundtrack. You NEED to add this to your collection.

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