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DVD Reviews: Crusty Demons of Dirt: The Crusty Years (vols 1-4)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: March 2004
Distributed by:
MRA Entertainment





The world's best known moto x series is now packaged for your enjoyment in one pulse pounding boxed set! When it comes to extreme sports, I am your guy so when this baby showed up at our office, I just knew that I was in for a treat.

For those unaware this is some serious bike riding right here, so anyone hoping for a storyline is in for a shock. We get to travel around the world to locations you could only dream about as the boys tear it up. All the big names you could think of are featured in this great boxed set including Jeremy McGrath, Corey Hart, Seth Enslow and a whole swag of others.

This is a collectors edition boxed set of Crusty's vols 1-4 and it's in a unique collectors fold out packaging that really looks great. The titles are:

Crusty Demons of Dirt Vol. I
Crusty Demons of Dirt Vol. II
Crusty Demons of Dirt Vol. III
Crusty Demons of Dirt Vol. IV: God Bless the Freaks

Crusty Demons of Dirt: The Crusty Years is one of those discs that is quite simple a must own disc for fans of motor sports. These guys take it to the limits and don't look back even for a second. Aussies will also be stoked to see there are a number of scenes that take place over here.

Another thing that I loved about the way that these are shot is that it seems to be a collection of sequences put together more for the entertainment of the riders than for the public

Despite the fact that we are bombarded with some incredible riding all the way through the four discs, some of the footage that amazes me the most is the footage that is shown from the perspective of the rider when the camera is attached to the helmet. It's from this viewpoint that I really feel the most like I am truly there and my appreciation for how fearless these guys are really sinks in. You've got to consider it; the heights achieved by these bikes are amazing but if you didn't come down right, it could quite possibly kill or seriously injure the rider. Hence the body armour and helmets!

One sequence in particular is reflective of this "being there" feeling you will get and that is during Crusty's III, world champ Travis Pastrana is doing his thing and the camera angles are insane. It feels like you are chasing him as he does some amazing tricks on the bike and it's then it sinks in; you really are chasing him from the viewpoint of the rider behind him who is wearing a helmet camera. Brilliant and stomach wrenching at the same time.

I think you'd be crazy not to get this disc if you enjoy motorbikes. The best riders on the planet, traveling the world and doing things that we mere mortals only dream of. Crusty Demons of Dirt truly takes us on an adventure that has to be seen to be believed, and even after the numerous viewings of all four discs that I had in order to do this review, I am still shaking my head in disbelief at what I am seeing. The Crusty Years will be a boxed set that will hold a pride of place for years and years to come in your DVD collection and is the sort of thing you can throw in for repeated viewings and it never gets tired.

Just get it today.


A mix of good and bad here but never anything that anyone could truly complain about. This is when it truly comes to light that this is a collection of action sequences rather than a cohesive action film and that is the intention, nothing more, nothing less. There are a few times that the source material does come up a bit short but nothing that screams out as not being worthy of inclusion on any of the four jam packed discs.


Bike whining up hills accompanied by a heart pounding music soundtrack, what more can you ask for. There are no problems with audio at all here, and I'd ask that you take the time to check out some of the artists whose music you listened to, there's some top notch music included here for your enjoyment. MRA Entertainment also release the soundtracks to the Crusty series so be sure to look for the CDs as well.


OK for this special edition we've got some extras here for you to sink your teeth into that only add to the entire Crusty experience. For the most part there are only more riding scenes and a director's commentary. It's all good but nothing that sets the world on fire. Basically it all adds up to a great bang for your buck. I am scoring it high, however I do consider it to be purely an extension of the main feature with the exception of the audio commentary and crashes. By the way, do yourself a favour and listen to the commentary for some really interesting stuff about the making and the footage you are watching.

  • Director's Cut

  • 43 Bonus Minutes

  • Director's Commentary

  • Extra Crash Scenes

  • Lost Africa Footage

The Final Say


- Tory Favro

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