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DVD Reviews: Crusty Demons: The Metal Millenium                   Genre: Sport: Moto X

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: August 2004
Distributed by:
MRA Entertainment





The demons are back in this awesome DVD tearing it up the same way as they always do. The sheer amount of riding and insane action is an absolute assault on the senses that will leave you wanting more. It's funny as the whole disc is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to anyone. The lifestyle that these guys have is to be envied, travelling to great locations and then being able to tear it up on their bikes. Anything that you can imagine is on this disc and then some.  

The Crusty's hit Australia, Japan and America in this disc, the team seems to have a huge affinity with this country of ours that is great to see. The Aussie fans love it as well and go beserk when the tour goes Down Under. For anyone who cares, the guys ride with Tommy Lee (loved the first solo album, didn't care for the second as much), and as you can see in the extras, he is so far out of his depth with these guys that it is not funny. What it boiled down to was this rich guy who thought he was bad ass being faced with guys who really are risk takers! 

There's tons of action down at the beach as well in dune buggies and pee wee 50's. Mix that with massive dunes, insane riders, fire and booze and you simply have a spectacle that is amazing to say the least. Seth tears it up on his bike as does Metz, it's amazing footage made all the cooler by some Rob Zombie tunes playing in the background. The footage from Japan is sensational to watch and somehow peaceful as they ride in front of a statue of Buddha and visit the local spots. There's something about the Japanese that I love and it would have to be their acceptance of almost anyone and any circumstance. 

Make sure that you check this disc out, it looks great and has a killer soundtrack too!

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