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DVD Reviews:  The Big Wet (G)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Adam Dumicich
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 55 Minutes





Experience the beauty and violence of a wet season in the top end. Thatís the catchphrase for this disk, and I have to say, itís spot on. Starting at the end of a dry season the big wet tells the story of life and death at the mercy of the elements during the prevailing months.  

Being an ABC documentary, you know that the quality wonít be suspect. There is however the fear that it will be all too reminiscent of the documentaryís you were forced to watch at school (Donít pretend you canít remember them!). Although not grabbing you by the throat from the get go, this definitely draws you in, like any good documentary should.

Following the lives of wallabies, crocodiles, geese, insects, frogs (the list goes on). The big wet has plenty to keep you watching for the 55 minutes it spans. Whilst not chock full of cool pointless facts to tell your friends, you will no doubt we surprised at some of what you see. From peak of the floods, to the vibrant colored flowers, in what was basically but a desert not 4 months ago. One of the most spectacular scenes however is footage of clouds, shot in time-lapse with a red sun in the background. You could be forgiven for mistaking this for an atomic bomb (well almost), quite stunning, whatever way you look at it. And then there are the animals. Seeing what the wallabies have to go through to stay alive during the floods does make you wonder just how species manage to stay alive in the top end. Basically it can be summed up in 3 words. Fire or Flood. The wet season is most definitely a wondrous place. And the will that the animals display is truly remarkable. Having always been a big fan of central Australia, this disc is quite a find.


For the most part, the picture on the disk is excellent. There doesnít seem to be any problems with transfer, and generally the picture is razor sharp. The problems found all seem to do with the way the footage was originally filmed (hardly the fault of the DVD), mainly being grainy in dark slow motion shots (most likely due to the film used having a high ISO). The one thing I did find bizarre was the aspect ratio. 14x9, not full frame, and not widescreen. On screen however it looks just like your normal full frame image.


Presented in 2.0 digital, everything appears clear throughout the disc, from the narration, to the bizarre noises, coming from some of the creatures. This disk really does sound quite grand.


Sadly, none.

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