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DVD Reviews: AKA: Girl Skater

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: June 2004
Distributed by:





Running for a very, very short 26 minutes and 2 seconds, you wouldn't think that this DVD would have much to offer. You'd be wrong. It was sweet. Covering the Gallaz tour that went down under in Australia for the Globe World Cup in Melbourne, we get to see the exploits of the girls who competed and what they get up to in their spare time.

The girls who feature in this DVD are extraordinary to say the least with skills that would put many pro skaters to shame.   The thing that really surprised me was how young the girls are, or at least appear to be. They are full of grit and determination and even though the running time on this disc is only about 30 minutes, the extras fill it out to a good look at the world of the Girl Skater.

The disc shows that these girls are going to give the guys a real fun for their money not so many years down the track, and despite lacking the sheer power needed, their abilities will carry them through, not to mention the love that they have for the sport and their sense of fun as well.

This is a good solid disc and worth the watch for sure. You might think it runs a bit too short though so make sure you check out the extras on it to get the most out of the DVD as a total package this flick simply rocks..


Full screen this is a decent looking skate disc that isn't likely to upset or offend anyone. The coverage of the girl's skating is well documented and inspiring.


Nice audio mix that is easy to hear and fully enjoyable. We're given a nice soundtrack to listen to as well. The main thing I look for with discs of this nature is simply, can I hear people speak. Review criteria for skate discs is a very different process than your normal movies as you need to take into account how it was filmed. If I can clearly hear the skaters when they talk and there is no annoying hissing or other distraction, then the disc has got my vote.


This disc kicks butt in the extras department with a comprehensive array for you to sink your teeth into. It almost feels like the extras are simply an extension of the main feature, normally I view the extras as simply that, extra stuff that I'd find of interest but not a must watch.

  • Gallaz Trick Tips

  • AKA Action

  • AKA Fearless

  • Gallaz Skate Team

  • Gallaz Skate Jams

  • AKA Uncut

  • AKA Premiere
    Gallaz Photo Shoot

  • Video Trailers

  • Websites

Being a total Rodney Mullen freak, make sure that you watch the Video Trailer for Opinion and you will then be on a quest to find that awesome DVD.

For those getting started with skateboarding there is an excellent and easy to follow tutorial section with trick tips that show the trick being broken down to it's key parts with over riding diagrams showing the right way to move the board with your feet.

AKA Girl Skater is just one of those gems that most are not going to pick up, simply due to the stereotype that girls cannot skate. I am here to tell you that is wrong and these chicks skate with more heart and soul than a lot of guys I've watched in other skate vids. Do yourself a huge favour and buy this disc and give it the watch it deserves.


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