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DVD Reviews: 411 VM Snowboarding Issue 05

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Yianni Pak
Review Date: May 2004
Distributed by:





411VM has been around for a long time, initially starting as a series of skateboarding “video magazines”. With the ever-growing popularity of extreme sports, it seems the series has branched out to include snowboarding, among others.

So what we have here is essentially an hour or so worth of snowboarding footage, set to a soundtrack consisting mostly of recent punk and emo music. It’s exciting to watch, even for people who have never snowboarded in their lives, as the level of skill and absolute fearlessness displayed by the board riders is evident in almost every scene.

One thing that really stood out for me was the level of creativity displayed by these guys in setting up their tricks. As well as simply powering down giant slopes, they also pull off smaller, but equally impressive stunts which involve poles, cars, and even the roofs of houses. Despite never having snowboarded before in my life, I was completely entertained for the entire duration of this DVD.

Overall, 411VM is a great DVD, which can be enjoyed by snowboarders and couch potatoes alike. Worth watching for anyone with an interest in board sports.


The video quality of this DVD is pretty good, although nothing amazing. Most of the time your TV screen will be completely white, with a small black figure flying across it at high speed. The picture is not astoundingly sharp but it’s certainly more than adequate for a DVD of this type.


The audio track consists pretty much of punk-rock-ish music, and as such has not cause for astounding 5.1 shenanigans. It’s pretty much a question of personal taste; people who are into the punk/hardcore/emo thing will dig the tunes, whilst those who despise that kind of thing will probably hate it. The sound quality itself, however, is just fine.


There aren’t really any “extra features” to speak of – the DVD itself is presented as a series of “feature articles” so to separate certain segments as “extras” would really be quite pointless. It does have a little bit of uncut footage as a bonus.

Dave downing snow summit extras
Bonus uncut controlled chaos footage

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