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Design 9.0
Usability 10.0
Installation 9.0
Value 10.0
Distributor: Saitek
Edwin Millheim


Saitek Gamers Keyboard

You will see the light. Well at least the light from the really cool blue back lighting from this eye pleasing computer keyboard. Its sleek look comes from its futuristic metallic design and feel of the keys as you tap away on them either in writing, for instance as I'm writing this very review, Or blazing away at a first person shooter. The Saitek Gamers Keyboard is for those hard core gamers and those late night work attics alike.

The keyboard has a silver frame work with small extensions at the corners. It's not as wide as other keyboards but it does seem to be a bit longer due to the space age looking extensions at its corners. But this does not cause any kind of hindrance in either productive work or with an evening of gaming.

As noted the keyboard has a cool feature, an LED backlight that causes the keys to glow a soft blue. It looks great and the concept is to allow for gaming in the dark. I found this to actually cause problems in a dark room since it drowned out the keys enough to not tell what keys are what. I think this feature would have actually served a use if the keys themselves had been made out of a material that could be seen through then the letters and numbers on the keys would be seen in a dark room with the back lighting. Right now the back lighting is just for looks more than anything. So in a dark room, forget gaming in any practical sense, it may look cool but you won't be able to see the keys. Thankfully there is a control to the upper far right that controls the light, from bright, to dim, to off. I found the dimmer setting best worked for me in a dark room.  Also found next to the backlighting controls and above the number pad are also sound controls. Two buttons one for increasing volume and one for decreasing volume and a mute button. They work very well for controlling programs such as music match or other music listening device.

One of the draws for gamers is the fact that the keyboard includes a separate nine key number pad. This satellite keypad is hooked to the main board by a cable and is programmable. This is achieved by using the software that comes with the keyboard package. The keypad has two shift buttons a Mode A and a Mode B that allows for each key to have up to three different functions coming to a whopping 27 possible combos. Pretty cool heh? I played with it a bit programming it to some of the games I'm trying out and playing now such as FEAR, Starship Troopers, Starwars Battle Front II and Call Of Duty 2 it works pretty well. Due to the lay out of the desk I work on though I found myself using the Saitek Command Pad less and less and just relying on the Keyboard itself ala old school. But the Keypad does work and with time I'm sure I would depend on it more and get used to it. Saitek also has several downloadable pre-made game profiles for the keyboard such as Baldurs Gate II, Quake 3 and Half Life II among many others, but I would say for the true gamer will end up customizing and programming what best works for them.

The look is great, but something that seems to stand out with anyone that uses the keyboard is the way it feels. They keys just have a nice even easy feel to them. The Saitek Gamers Keyboard is smooth and silent.

Over all the look and feel of the Saitek Gamers Keyboard puts it far ahead of other keyboards out there. The modest price also makes it accessible to most gamers out there. Oh one last thing, the back lighting also makes it easy to see when you need to take a tech vac to the keyboard to get any dust or other foreign particles cleaned out of it. Teamed up with a kick but gaming computer a trusty well made mouse, the Saitek Gamers Keyboard would complete an ultimate gaming system.
Have fun, play games. Edwin Millheim


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