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Pyramat S2000 - Video Game Sound Rocker Hardware Review - -

Design 8.8
Comfort 8.5
Usability 8.6
Value 8.6
Distributor: Stomp (Pyramat)
Kyle Sudukis
Release date: Out Now


Pyramat S2000
Video Game Sound Rocker

Pyramat, the company responsible for sound furniture may have revolutionised the gaming world with their latest addition to the market called the Pyramat S2000 -Video Game Sound Rocker which takes gaming to the next evolutionary stage.


  • 5.5" subwoofer to deliver powerful bass

  • Two side speaks and sub-woofer create a totally  immersive personal surround experience

  • Comfort is key. The ergonomically-designed rocker supports hours of play

  • Input selector allows you to switch effortlessly between video games and music modes

  • Create a virtual in-home arcade by connecting up to eight units together

  • Controls enable personal and effortless volume and bass control to adjust the sound experience

  • Built-in headphone jacks to MP3 holder

So just what is the Pyramat S2000? According to the official blurb by Pyramat, it is a "comfortable rocking chair with built-in surround sound and rumbling base. Using patented Audio Response Technology, the rocker vibrates according to the on-screen action, ensuring entertainment becomes an engaging, visceral experience."

Needless to say, everyone at impulsegamer were eager to test this strange piece of gaming technology that is not just limited to "gaming" because it's also the perfect accessories for audiophiles and those that love to watch movies. Basically, you can plug any audio device into this chair in order to experience audio as you've never experienced it before.


Our initial thoughts to the S2000 was a chair that resembles racing seats with its sleek black design and futuristic looking speakers conveniently located on top of the item. The control system is easily accessed on the right with an MP3 (audio) input located on the left. It should also be noted that S2000 is quite heavy, weighing in at comfortable 18kg including the box and packaging so it might be an idea to get some assistance when moving this item into your entertainment area.

Once the chair was out of the box, we neatly unfolded the chair and the assembly was complete. With two RCA inputs, we simply connected the unit to our XBox 360 and once the game was loaded, the chair was pumping out the beats with 20 watts of power to the sub and another 8 watts to each speakers. To turn the device on, you simply turn the volume switch.

Although visually impressive, the S2000's speakers glow an eerie blue when connected which increases the wow factor. I must admit experiencing Gears of War and Need for Speed Carbon was something out of this world as the chair felt like it shook with each gunshot or crash. Although not akin to Force Feedback or DualShock, there is just enough rumble to give you the illusion that something has happened to you in the game.

Movies were another audio spectacular and I would recommend Star Wars Episode III in order to truly experience the sound effects of this movie from the hums of the lightsabre to the sounds of gigantic space battles.

Another feature of the S2000 is that it can link up to eight chairs together for you and friends to truly experience real-world arcade fun which is great for those hosting LAN parties or network games.

The sound quality of the S2000 is rather impressive and does give quite a bit of power, depending on the setting of the bass. Whether its the subtle background sounds of a game or the variety of instruments in a classical crescendo, the device does a decent job in the sound department which it was originally designed for.

With the pros must come the cons and the Pyramat S2000 features a few oddities that although will not hamper your audio enjoyment may cause a little annoyance to those neat freaks. Although the chair itself is powered by an AC Adapter, the chair must also be connected to an audio device which does increase the amount of cables littered on the floor. Not a sign for distress but considering that the XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3 now use wireless technology, it would have been nice to have this included on the S2000. Maybe in the next version, there will be wireless audio cables.

Box contents

  • AC power adapter

  • Pyramat S2000 chair

  • Audio cables

  • MP3 cable

  • Installation manual

In conclusion, the Pyramat S2000 (Video Game Sound Rocker) is a definite must have for those that cannot live without the latest and greatest technology devices or for those more humbler people who wish to become part of the audio experience. Highly recommended to gamers and also recommended to lovers of movies and audio.

Compatible with PS3, PS2, PSOne, XBox, XBox 360, WII, Nintendo GameCube, DVD players, televisions and other audio devices.


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