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Criterion Michigan Computer Workstation Furniture Review - -

Design 9.3
Installation 8.0
Versatility 9.0
Comfort 8.9
Total 9.1
Distributor: Criterion
Cost: $299 (RRP)
Andrew Bistak


Michigan Computer Workstation
(Model CD275)

The Michigan Computer Workstation is one of the latest range of workstations from Criterion that targets both the home and office user. Although the Michigan has a professional office appearance, it features contemporary additions such as the bevelled desktop, curved handles and frosted glass door for your computer desktop. Coming in a traditional pear chocolate coloring, it boasts that professional business appearance that would not look out of place in any home or office.

Special Features & Benefits

  • Available in Australia exclusively from Officeworks

  • 5 year warranty for peace of mind

  • Made with Quality ISO9001 Procedures

  • Made in New Zealand

Perfect for a variety of different sized rooms, the Michigan sports an ample sized workspace of 1500mm x 735mm. Whether you have a laptop or desktop computer, the Michigan allows for a desktop unit to be allocated in the right cabinet with a cabling hole located at the rear of the panel for minimized cable clutter. The Michigan has various storage options such as two drawers with one dedicated to files, two side shelves and two shelves below the hardwood desktop panel.


Although never assembling a desk before, the Michigan Computer Workstation took around two hours to successfully assemble and that was being extremely cautious. Taking the advice from a Criterion technician (see Aegean Computer Desk), the box was laid out on the floor with a stamp displaying the correct way to open the packaging, ensuring that all the items can easily be removed.

Once the items were removed from the packaging, all the items (25) have been carefully labeled by Criterion to correspond with the instruction manual, ensuring that even novice desk builders like myself could assemble this modern behemoth. The desk also comes with a plethora of screws, cams and the like to not only ensure stability but also a quality end result.

The only equipment needed to assemble the desk is a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key that was supplied by Criterion. Being an electric drill person, I also decided to run the gauntlet and use this device rather than a screw driver. Criterion do not recommend electric drills due to the various experience levels of users which may have some devastating results.

Customer Service

For those users who have difficulty in building the desk, Criterion have a 1-800 number to assist with any issues with setup. Although the user manual was extremely user friendly and easy to follow, there was one inconsistency with the manual and the labeling of a desk part which was incorrectly labeled. Fortunately I was able to use my logic to solve this puzzle which was only a minor setback. The manual is around 20 pages in length that gives a simple step by step guide to assembling the Michigan.

Once the assembly was completed, the final thing to do was place the hardwood desktop onto the desk which gives the item that professional office appearance. Needless to say, the installation of the Michigan was an enjoyable experience that took around 2 hours to successfully build. This time will depend on experience and comfort of the end-user. Thankfully, the item looked identical to the picture in the manual with no parts left out.


The design of the Michigan Computer Workstation has a modern yet traditional appearance with its ergonomic and quality design. The desk stands at 720mm in height which adheres to the Quality ISO9001 standards, ensuring a premium desk product with a 5-year warranty. That's right, the item comes with a whopping 5-year warranty which is exceptional value.


  • Unit Dimension

  • 1500w x 735d x 720h

  • 59.05"w x 28.93"d x 28.34"h

The drawers of the Michigan were easily opened and while using the desk for several hours, I found it quite comfortable without any clutter on the desktop. Best of all is the space for a desktop computer which is on the right side of the unit which not only hides the hideous cables but keeps everything neat and tidy. The only issue that some users may have with the computer desktop aspect of the workstation is that there is not enough ventilation in the unit and some computers may need to have the door open while in use. However when closed, the office was super quiet.

In conclusion, the Michigan Computer Workstation is the perfect companion for your home or office with its professional yet contemporary design. Criterion have ensured that the workstation can be easily assembled by a variety of users and if any difficulties should arise, there is a support number available. With plenty of storage space and workspace, the Michigan is a must have desk for a variety of users. For an affordable price of $299 (RRP), this item comes Highly Recommended!

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