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1) Just recently, advance copies of JSA #32 have been floating around in Comic stores and within minutes, reviews and spoilers are floating around the net. Do you feel this has a negative impact on the upcoming “Stealing Thunder” storyline? Considering that this has happened before, what are you personal thoughts on the matter?

This has been a real disappointment to me throughout my experience with the book. It's almost impossible to surprise people anymore -- rumours run rampant. In the case of the 'advance reviews' of #32 (and I use the word review loosely) a flood of speculative and disappointed and/or angry posts emerged based on some largely inaccurate comments made by a few readers. So yes, I do feel that it has a negative impact. I also hate what is revealed in Previews. It's bullshit. Whatever happened to reading a comic and not knowing what was going to happen until the next issue?

2) Power Girl has finally joined the ranks of the JSA, at first neither Geoff or yourself had any interest in the character. What made you take on this challenge?

Sometimes you sit with an idea for a while and you decide it might be fun to give it a try. To be honest, we were a little frustrated with having our hands tied via Hippolyta and Black Canary -- and Powergirl was another obvious choice to bolster the female roster -- a character relatively unencumbered by other editorial forces.

3) The King of Tears storyline was the only Times Past storyline that the JSA has had, do you have any plans for another Times Past storyline?

We will have a Times Past story (sort of) in the coming year. A couple of them, actually.

4) Do you have any plans for a spin-off title for any of the JSA members? Have any writers approached you about letting them use your characters for their own spin-off title?

Frankly, neither Geoff nor myself have time to do a spin-off title. Peter Tomasi (our editor) would prefer to keep a tight rein on JSA projects that we aren't involved in. He doesn't want the quality to be too diluted. This does not mean that someone else couldn't do a good JSA project (Liberty Files was fun). Simply that he wants to be careful about developing and/or expanding the franchise.

5) With Leonard Kirk as the new JSA penciller and his work on Supergirl being absolutely brilliant, how do you think his style will go on a team book such as the JSA? Do you have any favourite pieces that Leonard Kirk has done so far the book?

I think Leonard is going to do a great job. Give him six months -- all the griping will subside. Sadowski was great, but Leonard's his own man and he'll distinguish himself, I'm sure.

6) You guys have started doing various plotlines from issue #1 and some of them have yet come intro fruition. Was this because of conflicts with certain characters or do you have a grand plan for all JSA members?

It's true that some plotlines have gotten short-shrift. And any time you are working in a shared universe, events from other titles can work against your plans. But the bulk of the plot-lines have or will EVENTUALLY by ressolved. Look how long it took us to get around to the Ultra-Humanite -- but we DID get around to him. And it was planned very far in advance. From the first issue, quite frankly.

7) Doctor Fate has been taken out of the limelight in the JSA but with issue #35 of the JSA, it seems that both Wildcat and Doctor Fate have the spotlight in this issue. Any interesting titbits you could mention about this team up?

Dr. Fate will start to step back into the spotlight with the current issue. He hasn't been forgotten -- and niether has Wildcat. They get to have their own, mini-adventure within the greater story of Stealing Thunder.

8) From issue #32, it appears that Doctor Fate must venture in Gemworld to discover the secrets about his wife Lyta, was this the final big storyline that you mentioned awhile ago that would be your last? With resolutions happening for Obsidian, Mordru, Doctor Fate & Lyta Hall?

Yes. In all likelihood, this storyline will be my JSA swansong. Look for it to appear (roughly) around issues #46-51.

9) Have you set yourself a final issue for the JSA when you would like to leave and maybe pursue other interests? If this occurs, will all your plotlines be solved or will this be up to Geoff to handle?

No doubt there will be a few plotlines left dangling -- every time to close a door you open quite a few others. It's the nature of the beast. Geoff says he would like to stay on the book a bit longer -- we'll see. I would certainly support him if he wants to do that.

10) As a professional comic and movie writer, have you ever had thoughts of maybe turning the JSA into a full motion picture? If so, which JSA would you have and could this work in the today’s movie industry with blockbuster hits such as Blade and the X-Men and your upcoming Blade II movie?

I think the JSA would be a hard-sell in movie terms. It's so continuity bound -- so much more complicated than X-men. I was disappointed that they couldn't appear in the Justice League cartoon.

11) JSA has been out for over 2 ½ years now, have your favourite JSA members changed from your writing of the series? If so, who do you favour now as your favourite member?

I still enjoy writing Wildcat a great deal. I also enjoy writing Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite. Sand as well -- recently, I've taken a liking to writing Powergirl. Oh yeah -- I'm also warming up to Captain Marvel. ;)

12) Who is the hardest JSA member to write? And why do you feel that he/she is so hard to write?

Personally, I've always had a hard time with Jay. Not sure why -- the only time I felt I ever really 'got' him was in issue #20. Generally, Geoff and myself tend to divide up the characters. Because of the Flash, he tends to write Jay more often. But for some reason, I wound up writing Jay -- the bit with him writing a letter to Joan, etc. I felt connected to him emotionally -- and his voice came a bit easier.

Wildcat is a walk in the park, though. He's basically me.

13) Honestly now, without mentioning any names, have you had any difficulties with certain DC Offices with characters? With these small hurdles, how does it affect your overall storyline? Do you think the communication between DC Offices is enough or is it a case this my toy, not yours?

It's not like there's any huge conspiracy -- we've had to modify our plans vis-a-vis Canary. Kevin Smith was using her in Green Arrow -- and Dixon was using her in Birds of Prey. And to be honest, Dixon had her first. It's frustrating, at times, but you have to respect someone else's creative direction -- especially if it pre-dates your own ideas. Usually, these things can be worked out.

There was, however, a BIG problem/disappointment between us and the Vertigo office -- which I will be happy to talk about when my stint has finished.

14) What are spoilers you can give the readers about upcoming storylines or characters without giving too much? Will we be shocked and left in wonder at the same time?

No spoilers! Enough. Just read the damn book! Okay, I'll say this -- another long-standing JSA villain will make their first appearance in this run of the book -- but not in the way people might think. And another cast member will be getting a major upgrade in terms of power.

16) Who is your favourite JSA villain and why? And will he or she return to the fold?

I love Johnny Sorrow. I love Black Adam (but then, he's not really a villain anymore). There's another baddie on the horizon that I'm looking forward to writing -- but that would be telling.

17) When researching certain characters, you seem to go into an awful lot of detail into hunting down information. What kind of methods do you use to research?

The internet is a great boon to modern-day comicbook writers. There are so many fan pages, etc. Also, we've reached out to the readers on more than one occassion, asking for information on long-lost details, etc.

18) With the Internet being such a great medium between creators and readers, what are the most annoying questions that you get asked to do?

I find the incessant calls for the inclusion of marginal characters to be tiresome. In the end, we're going to tell stories that interest us.

19) With the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover, what can readers expect?

Pacheco, Pacheco, Pacheco -- and lots of cast-members. Lots of bad-guys, too. You'll get to see the Atom, Zatanna, and Firestorm -- among others. Heck, you even get to see Vixen.

20) You mentioned awhile ago about a “Who Watches the Watchmen” type JSA series with the four older JSA statesmen, do you still have plans for this project?

No. It got sidelined. But I'd like to write one last 2-part story featuring these guys -- and I hope to, time permitting.

21) The JSA creative team have successfully put the JSA where they belong, looking back at your work, what were your favourite JSA moments and why?

Well, if I can boast a little, I thought my notion to fold a modern-day Mordru into the mix was pretty damn cool! Oh yeah -- the Wildcat spotlight. I was also very, very happy with the Injustice Be Done storyline. Geoff and I are also extremely excited with Stealing Thunder. Looking at the next year or so of stories, I think we have really managed to raise the bar. We have another spotlight issue with Powergirl that is coming up. Half of the readers are going to be screaming bloody-hell about that one -- and the other half will probably be smirking with joy.

Okay, this interview is officially over.

And a big thankyou to Wildcat...err...David S. Goyer for answering these annoying questions :) Do yourself a favour and visit the Blade II Web site http://www.blade2.com/ and tell your friends, relativies, strangers and enemies about the JSA.

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