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Places we go

Places we go is an adventure travel series that is presented and produced by Melbourne's very own Jennifer Adams as she travels around the world to some of the most amazing countries on this little blue planet. Jennifer is also joined by Daniel McPherson, co-producer and cameraman behind the series plus a variety of friends who accompany the pair on their remarkable journey.

This review only skims the surface of this brilliant documentary series, however if you are interested in history, nature and the like, than this is the documentary for you. Jennifer makes this quite a personal experience as he brings the viewer along and her down to Earth attitude only complaints the amazing places that she visits.


Wildlife and action aplenty. From the vast Serengeti plains to the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa is a destination for the adventurous traveler.

The first documentary in the series is Africa as Jennifer travels through East Africa with cameraman Daniel and her partner Clint as they visit a variety of extraordinary places from Mount Kilimanjaro to a local orphanage and to the former killing fields of Rwanda in order to visit the mountain gorillas.

Jennifer gives a great history of the countries that she visits in Africa such as Rwanda which was one of the most deadliest places of Africa which is now one of its most peaceful. It's quite amazing to see Jennifer and her team so close to the mountain gorillas who are almost oblivious to the humans around them.

Moving onto the locals, the people of Africa are so friendly towards strangers, especially witnessed in a scene in a market in Tanzania where Jennifer gets a headscarf made for her.

Jennifer highlights how AIDS has devastated this country and she visits an orphanage where all the children there have lost their parents to this deadly disease. Ironically, the orphanage was setup by an Australian man in order to help the people of Tanzania.

As Jennifer makes her way to Mount Kilimanjaro, she suffers from altitude sickness as she attempts to make her way to the top. Eventually Jennifer, Daniel and Clint make it to the top and the view is quite breathtaking and extremely rewarding for all involved. Of course, what would a documentary be without the savannas of Africa as we are given a great close-up of these amazing animals such as the extraordinary families of lions in the Serengeti to the locals who live near. Truly inspirational.


Antarctica, one of the final frontiers. Kayaking with the whales, walking amongst the penguins. Antarctica has something for everyone - Ushuaia, Drake Passage, Lemaire Channel and Deception Island.

On a sea voyage to Antarctica, Jennifer is joined by Michael who once lived on Antarctica assists as "tour" guide as they explore the final frontier of the planet. It begins with the most southern city on Earth, Ushuaia Argentina which is where the journey for Jennifer and co go board a ship to the Antarctica.

The journey to Antarctica is marked by very real dangers as Jennifer, Daniel and Michael join a group of tourists making their way to one of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

What makes this series so amazing is that excitement that Jennifer portrays and when you first see the huge icebergs, you actually join in on her excitement. Apart from the amazing scenery, the viewer is given a glimpse of some amazing creatures from whales to penguins who all inhabit this icy cold world.

To my amazement, they even spend the night on the ice as all attempt to keep warm as they are wrapped up and wrapped up in clothing. The relationship between Michael and his father is quite heartwarming as he joins his father in what might be their last trip to Antarctica. Bathing in Antarctica? You heard correctly, Jennifer actually baths in a volcano bath and even gets her camera man to experience the icy cold ocean. Brilliant!


From the enchanted Galapagos Islands to the depths of the Amazon Basin. Ecuador comes alive with colour and activity, an experience we'll certainly never forget. Experience the diversity of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

Ecuador is another wondrous country that Jennifer visits and is joined by her sister Bev as they visit the amazing Galapagos Islands to the rich and abundant rain forests of the Amazon. After a 30 hour flight from Australia, Jennifer, Daniel and Bev arrive at the capital of Ecuador that mixes Spanish influence with the local culture.

Visiting markets and other tourist destinations, this DVD could be considered the perfect tourist documentary as it gives a great insight into their way of life. Of course, the highlight of this DVD is the Galapagos Islands as we see the marine iguanas who show no fear of humans, amazing and vibrant pink flamingos and the giant sea turtles.

It's quite amazing that humans can almost walk up to all creatures on these islands and they will not feel threatened. The difference between the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon forest is quite diverse as Jennifer gives the viewer another history lesson on this tropical rainforest.

Jennifer even gets up close and personal with some piranhas who actually ignore these fun loving humans, however bigger threats such as anacondas are more a of threat than this little fish. It's quite laughable that Jennifer is freaked out by a Kaman that was just 2 metres away as she swam with the piranhas. This DVD closes with Jennifer visiting a local village as she says goodbye to this amazing place.

High Arctic

Traveling to the High Arctic is a journey of a lifetime. The icy landscape full of wildlife and the most spectacular sunsets makes for an experience that you will never forget.

Travelling to the North Pole, Jennifer explores the Canadian High Arctic and Greenland onboard a ship with sister Emma. I have to admit that her family is extremely lucky for allowing to share Jennifer's amazing journey.

Highlighting social issues of global warming and how it is effecting the Arctic, this documentary is extremely well made. From nights that don't get dark to polar bears resting on ice, this is truly a wondrous journey.

On DVD, it's quite spectacular seeing the amazing colours of the ice as Jennifer and Emma explore the waters. Getting up close and personal with whales, she visits some locals and gets a surprise when she visits Santa's hut in the North Pole. The down to Earth approach that Jennifer takes, only compliments her documentary skills which makes this DVD series so compelling and extremely watchable.


Traveling through India is an attack of the senses. The amazing colours of the landscape and people mixed with aromatic smells.

The next destination for Jennifer is India where she is joined by friend Shura as they explore the Rajasthan on camel back, a surprise birthday party by Indian Royalty for Jennifer and a glimpse of the endangered Bengal Tiger.

Rahul is their tourist guide for part of this DVD which begins in Deli as he shares his knowledge of India with not only Jennifer but also the viewer. Whether it's playing cricket with the locals or feasting on the amazing cuisine of India, it only highlights the variety of its culture and the hospitality of people, like the surprise birthday party for Jennifer. Riding on elephants, Jennifer even gets her fortune read by an Indian fortune teller.

The Taj Mahal is truly awe-inspiring that Jennifer mentions is quite powerful as she walks the ground. Ironically, 20,000 people helped create this hand built monument with hundreds dying during the construction. Of course, seeing the Bengal Tigers up close and personal, especially the cubs is the highlight of this DVD who are unfortunately threatened by man. Gripping from start to finish!


One of the oldest and most peaceful countries in the middle east. We explored every part of this small country, from the ancient city of Petra to the rugged terrain of Wadi Rum.

Probably my favourite DVD in the series, Jennifer and her friend explore the wondrous country of Jordan as she showcases the amazing locals and gives an in-depth insight into this ancient culture. Jordan is also the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is bordered by countries that have been warring for centuries.

From the day of fasting called Ramadan to the hospitable markets. Jennifer explores the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth (420 metres below sea level) and unwillingly puts her head under the water which is eight times stronger than the ocean in terms of sea content. Unfortunately a bad move by Jennifer.

The highlight from this DVD is Petra, an ancient city that was hidden away for centuries until discovered by the Bedoiuns. Carved from sandstone, Petra even had an elaborate water system to assist its ancient inhabitants. Ironically, a group of Bedouins actually lived in the tombs of Petra from the 1800's until the 1980's when the government of Jordan asked them politely leave. Jennifer really captures the magic of these people from their friendly approach to strangers to their thirst for knowledge.


The land of the Inca's, Peru. A country with so much culture, history and adventure. Peru is a trip of a life time and must not be missed. Experience the true wonders of Peru.

The last DVD in the series is Peru as Jennifer, her fiancé Clint and Daniel follow the lost Inca trail to the city of
Macchi Picchu. Starting off in Lima, the capital of Peru, Jennifer informs the viewer that Surfing is quite a popular sport in this country, which is a close second to soccer.

Highlighting the culture of Peru that is almost a social commentary, especially from the recent Earth quakes, Jennifer manages to capture the spirit and heart of this culture. Apart from the locals, the viewers are also given an insight into the gigantic condors of Peru.

The city of Macchi Picchu is truly an astonishing human accomplishment as Jennifer climbed the perilous trailer to this ancient city. Lastly, Lake Titicaca is the final place that Jennifer visits which happens to be the highest lake in South America as she gives us a tour of the people who live on the island. Amazingly the people near this island speak an dialect of the Incas.

This review only just touches the surfaces of this amazing series and I recommend this series to everyone. It's brilliantly made and is an approach that can understood and appreciated by anyone. At times the video and audio quality is a little lacking but considering some of the locations, it's understandable. Bring on the next series!

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