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Gameplay 8.9
Graphics 7.8
Sound 7.9
Value 8.5
Distributor: Nintendo
Andrew B


Project Rub

Project Rub once again proves that Nintendo is truly ahead of the pack in one of the most entertaining and somewhat wholesome games of 2005 that uses the Nintendo DS console to its full advantage. The full use of dual LCD screens, the touch screen and voice recognition (speech and breathing) is all provided in this title. Project Rub is a joint venture by one time rivals, SEGA and Nintendo that puts the gamer in the role of a humble hero who must win the heart of a mysterious girl by competing in some of the wackiest games of the year such as rescuing fish from the stomachs of unsuspecting victims or preventing trolley riders from crashing into rubbish bins.

Project Rub is an extremely quirky game with a rather cartoon and anime feel about it, in other words, it's very Japanese! The main section of the game is called story that revolves around a guy trying for the attention of his favourite girl. To win the girl, the guy must perform a number of weird and wonderful tasks, and as you're controlling him, it's all up to you! The first task in Project Rub is Goldfish and the first time I played this mini-game, I really knew that I was in for a treat with Project Rub because it was original and entertaining. Goldfish requires you to rub the touch screen with the stylus in order to try and propel the fish upwards out of the stomach of an unsuspecting victim, that is by vomiting the fish out. Although it may sound rather disgusting, it is in actual fact quite fun.

There are lots of little tasks in the game and when you succeed in the three tasks that make up a level in the girl's heart monitor, she will slowly start to fall in love with you. However, if you fail she stamps her foot & sighs and of course your heart monitor starts to drop. Another of the more entertaining tasks involves the gamer protecting the girl from rampaging bulls and to do this, you tap the bulls as they run towards you. To make things more interesting, there are 100 bulls that you must that also include mini-bosses, skiers and the end boss.

Fortunately you get three lives for each mini task that you perform and if you fail three times, you have to restart the level. However, if you complete a task successfully, it's saved to your memories section and you can access ,emories from the main menu and replay all your favourite tasks individually. A great little feature to show your friends the power of the Nintendo DS and also show off while you're at it.

If you find a mini game which you really can't do but you need to complete three tasks to fill up the girl's heart monitor, pick one of the games in that level that you're good at and do it twice! That will allow you to progress further in the title which is a neat little feature by SEGA that helps keep the playability of the title going. Clean up is also a great game for voyeurs (a favourite to some of the staff at impulsegamer) because it requires the gamer to rub off little patches of dirt from your sweetheart and she'll sometimes be squirming provocatively while you're doing the task. Great for the teenagers... well, probably all males!

Apart from the story mode and memories section in Project Rub, the game also contains maniac that basically repeats the mini-games from the memories section but you are awarded stars to play dress up. Basically, the maniac screen contains a cartoon girl from head to feet and when you collect enough stars from competing the mini games, you can change her hair, clothes and shoes etc. Very Japanese!

Graphically, Project Rub is a combination of Vector graphics meets some great visual effects that really suits the title perfectly. All the characters in the game are silhouettes that move with realism and grace and add in some strange background environments like 100 raging bulls or cute little orange goldfish and you have one truly whacky and bizarre title. The colour palette of Project Rub is also quite vivid and match that with an entertaining musical score, various sound bits and a plethora of sound effects and you have one entertaining game that can be played by people of all ages.

In conclusion, Project Rub is a very addictive game that even non-gamers will enjoy. It really takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS and is probably a game that all Nintendo DS owners should buy. Cute, wholesome and a whole lot of fun, highly recommended!



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