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Feature 6.5
Video 8.0
Audio 8.0
Special Features 7.0
Total 6.5

Distributor: Roadshow
Running Time: 88 minutes
Reviewer: Tory Favro


The Collector

The debut directorial effort from Marcus Dunstan, The Collector is the story of thief called Arkin who bites off way more than he can safely chew when he breaks into a house that he has installed a security system on, only to find that someone else is in there with him. Someone who has quite the agenda to carry out and seems more than happy to have Arkin play his little games.

For those of you who don't know, Dunstan is the writer on a number of the highly successful Saw films which are still personal favourites of mine for the cleverness of the scripts and the twists and turns the films make through the gore they expose us to.

The plot is a neat one, and screams out to me at least that there is a franchise here just waiting to happen. The scene is set within at least the first five minutes of the movie when a trunk arrives within a house with a note set atop it for The Collector. The couple who own the home find it in their bedroom and when the man opens up the trunk, we quickly realise that not all is well and the title gets well under way.

The similarities between this movie and any other number of the Saw flicks is immediately noticeable. A house filled with traps, an anonymous tormentor, gore and puzzles along with a man trying to do the right thing, and you have a recipe for a horror/thriller movie just like this one. In fact you have this movie :) That is more than alright though, because whilst you might feel like you have seen this movie before, there are plenty of surprises that will keep you watching riveted for the whole thing.

The film is shot really, really well with amazingly good scenes and angles used for maximum effect. There is a little bit of noise in shadowy scenes but overall the quality is great. Colour is used well to accentuate  the movie, and at times almost seems to be a character in and of itself with the way that it's utilised.

Sound is another friend of this movie and there are plenty of moments that some creepy noise sure as heck made me jump. I've been a fan of the good use of audio for a very long time and The Collector presents us with such a collage of audio terror that it was utterly amazing. Some of the first encounters as such with The Collector are filled with creepy noise that made me incredibly apprehensive! It was more the sound that was happening off camera than on that scared me. Real credit is due to the audio people on this film.

Who is The Collector? Other than having a penchant for leaving nasty traps around a large house, our chief protagonist is a mute, lithe character who seems to collect people and torment them as much as possible and then leave them as traps for other victims. He is a cruel character filled with an animal savagery that doesn't even spare animals when we witness the sadistic end of the family cat.

The Collector is a engrossing enough film to watch for fans of gore horror. The film in and of itself is not particularly strong with not enough time to really care too much about most of the characters, whether they were good or bad. The gore is well done and quite convincing and the enthusiasm of The Collector for his job is to be commended. Overall though other than feeling squeamish some of the time, I just didn't care. The ending is a tad contrived and quite unconvincing.

The film is perfect for a spooky night in front of the couch that you don't have to think too much about. There are no real clever twists or turns, it's just a straight up gore fest that is not for the feint of heart or stomach.

There are a decent range of extras here including deleted scenes commentaries and trailers. Great for anyone who wants to know more about this film and the process of making it. Some of the thoughts of the film makers seem a bit too deep for the kind of movie this is but still good to know what went on in their heads.

Give it a shot on a rainy night when you have nothing better to do. A great rent but a purchase only for fans of gore.


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