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Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles The Complete First Season Warner Brothers Blu Ray Blu-ray Review - -

Feature 9.0
Video 9.0
Audio 8.5
Special Features 8.8
Total 8.8
Distributor: Warner Bros
Classification: M15+
Edwin Millheim


Terminator The Sarah Conner Chronicles
The Complete First Season
Warner Brothers Blu Ray

Who knows what film would spawn a franchise? I am sure James Cameron was not even thinking about Franchise when his film The Terminator hit theatres and wowed audiences back in 1984. This film quickly became a cult classic holds the distinction of being one of the better science fiction movies of all time that only got better with each addition to the franchise. After all these years and with mixed trepidation and anticipation the franchise hits the small screen and now even better, Blu Ray disk! Fox and Warner Brothers team up to bring us " Terminator-The Sarah Conner Chronicles."

One has to wonder what the heck where they thinking? A TV show? Something that will be engaging and deliver? Even with some rocky moments along the way, "Terminator – the Sarah Conner Chronicles" actually does a pretty good job at keeping us interested. Filling in the back stories intermixing new plots and characters into the Terminator universe. Other critics have sighted that the John Conner character is hard to imagine being some hero in the future, because the young John Conner spends a lot of time being a self centered why me kind of guy. By the time some of you read this you will have seen the first episode of season 2 already, without giving anything away there things do come around with this character. The first of what I am sure , many events that shape the future John Conner takes place. It will be interesting to see how they tie things together, or if they even bother to, with the Terminator franchise in 2009 bringing another motion picture to the big screen starring Christian Bale.

But I digress, I am here to talk about the Blu Ray release of the first season. All the events of the show take place more or less between the second and the third films. This time around there is a female terminator programmed to protect John Conner, the female terminator is played by Summer Glau who plays a pretty interesting character. All the characters seem to grow during this first season…even the female Terminator which is named Cameron. Not to give anything away, but there is one episode that seems to question as to if a Terminator can be sentient and even appreciate the finer things in life such as the arts. The first episode brings us into perspective pretty darn fast and establishes most of the main players. We start out with Sarah Conner and John Conner on the run and trying to stay of the information grid. It of course does not take long before all of it soon explodes into that action we all know would be coming. A Terminator locates john Conner and worms his way into the school John Conner is attending and tries to gun him down. Conner barely gets away with the help of Cameron, and we here her speak that classic line "Come with me if you want to live." And we know she is a re programmed Terminator.

It's all an intricate interweaving adventure with several new characters, but even though the title has Sarah Conner in it, the show seems to be about events that shape John Conner the future leader of the resistance more than anything. It's a worthy addition to the Terminator Franchise.

Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season" is presented on Blu-Ray in a very nice looking 1080p, 1.78:1-framed transfer which is the same ratio as the original airing. The image while very very good, does not jump out at you in a way that makes you say wow. The picture is pretty clean without any blur. There is the occasional film grain during some of the hectic action scenes, but these seem to be intentional and add to the gritty realistic feel the director seems to be shooting for. Details are very high, not the sharpest, but worthy of any ones Blu Ray collection. When judging picture on Blu Ray, you may actually have some minor differences depending on the equipment. In this case we check out the title on a low end and a mid end HD TV.

Sound is a Dolby Digital 5.1, No lossless nor uncompressed sound but the sound track offered sounds pretty darn good. The music sound track also sound pretty darn good, new scores are here for the new show, but it's intermingled with some of the familiar music scores from the films. The first Season comes on a three disk set on 50GB Blu Ray disks. The entire first season runs at 392 minutes in total.

"Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season" Has some pretty interesting behind the scenes and other various extras. These are spread out amongst the disks. As an occasional actor I tend to appreciate the behind the scenes that deals with the acting process, in this case we get to see some of the auditions from some of the main actors. A welcome addition indeed, add to this a few deleted scenes and the usual assortment that one expects these days with their DVD releases.

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