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Feature 5.0
Video 9.7
Audio 9.0
Special Features 8.0
Total 5.5

Distributor: Sony
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Reviewer: Brent Jago
: MA15+



Legion begins with the Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) who falls to Earth and cuts off his own wings, then raids a warehouse for a massive cache of guns. Meanwhile, at a roadside diner and garage, a group of people, including the diners owner, Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid), his son Jeep (Lucas Black), the diners cook, Percy (Charles S. Dutton), pregnant waitress, Charlie (Adrianne Palicki) and another group of other people that have also stopped in at this diner. An elderly woman named Gladys (Jeanette Miller) arrives at the diner, her pleasant appearance up at first, but then she descends into taunts and terrible remarks mainly centred at Charlie. She then attacks one of the patrons by biting at his throat with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and scales the walls, climbing along the ceiling, us now learning that she is possessed, until she is gunned down by Kyle (Tyrese Gibson). From here on the group are subjected to a prophecy driven tale, told to them by Michael, who has joined them at the diner, about God losing faith in humanity and sending his angels down to destroy the human race. He also tells us that Charlieís unborn child being the future saviour of humanity and the soldiers of Heaven possessing the people of Earth to hunt and destroy her child before he can. 

Ah, where do I beginÖ. 

LegionÖis a pretty terrible film. There, I said it. Itís a messy film full of noise, religious bull and characters that we are supposed to care for, but we canít help but utterly despise. The main person I mention is Adrianne Palicki as Charlie. Here we have a woman who is 8 months pregnant, still working and looking to give up her baby for adoption once he is born. We canít like her if we see her out the back of the diner smoking cigarettes. Seriously?! Wtf?! Who would even do that these days? She really is just an unlikeable character. She comes off as annoying, a little bit skanky and ultimately, just plain unlikeable. Lucas Black as Jeep (What kind of a name is ĎJeepí anyway?) . I really donít like him as an actor. He has played better roles in the past, but with this oneÖI think Iíve seen more charisma in a tin of paint. Iím sure the guy tries his best, but honestly, he doesnít have much to work with in this film. Dennis Quaid, another fine actor, also hasnít much to do but be a grizzled, slightly bitter, but with realistic point of view diner owner. And then thereís Paul Bettany. Now, I like Paul Bettany as an actor, always have. His performance would be the best of the bunch, but what Michael is, is an angel with a mission. He hasnít lost faith in humanity like his father and he means to show him the purity, sacrifice and the goodness in the human race.  

Now when I was watching this, I felt as if I had seen this film before. Only the last time I saw it, it was called The Terminator. Michael as The T-800, sent to save the saviour of the future, the unborn child as John Connor. The mother of the saviour, Charlie as Sarah Connor. Guess you could say Jeep is Kyle Reese, Heaven is Skynet and the army of angel possessed humans are the machines. It pretty much has the same plot. Who said Hollywood has lost its originality? (Yes. That was sarcasm) 

Now letís talk about the BD picture. Itís really pretty amazing. The film really benefits from the HD transfer. You could say itís one of the pluses of the film. Hey, the movie sucks, but it looks great on Blu-ray. The detail in the picture is nothing short of beautiful, it really is.  Now for the sound. If you love the sound of machine guns firing away, then you will love this film for it. Machines blast off left, right and centre in this film and they sound sooooo great. Crisp and beautiful. Listening to round after round being fired off in pure Dolby 5.1 and the sound of those empty clinking shells. Itís an action fans dream. 

Extras on this Blu-ray disc include: 

Bringing Angels To Earth: Picture-in-Picture

Creating the Apocalypse - Behind the Physical Effects

Humanity's Last Line of Defense - The Cast and Characters

From Pixels to Picture - A Look at the Visual Effects

Blueprint of a Scene: An immersive, in-depth breakdown of a key battle sequence against the possessed Designing Paradise Falls: Discover the creative process behind designing the apocalyptic vision of Paradise Falls


Legion is flash, messy, noisy, dull, with poor characters and fairly inane. It does have a few highpoints; The Ice-cream man (The always amazing Doug Jones. Shame heĎs only in it for about a minute), Paul Bettany and a few decent pieces of action, but in the end, itís mind-numbing and forgetful.


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