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Feature 6.0
Video 9.0
Audio 9.2
Special Features 9.0
Total 7.0

Distributor: Warner
Running Time:
Reviewer: James Wright
: MA15+


Clash of the Titans Blu-Ray

Clash of the Titans is the remake of the 1981 stop motion animated action adventure classic by Ray Harryhausen which pitted man against the gods and creatures of classic myth. As opposed to the original film which used stop motion to provide the special effects, this modern remake of Clash of the Titans uses state of the art CGI which makes it difficult to relate to and the plot takes a back row seat.

The main protagonist of the film is Perseus (Sam Worthington) who uses a variety of accents in this film, Australian included and is the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson). As his mother had an affair with the god of Olympus, her husband Acrisius cast this half god into the sea and through the intervention of the gods, he was found and raised by a good hearted fishing family.

Sadly, his adopted family are killed as they get caught between two warring factions, that of the city of Argos who have denounced the gods and the gods themselves. This all started when Kepheus and Queen Cassiope compared themselves to the gods and destroyed a statue of Zeus. Needless to say the gods are not happy.

Whispering in the ears of Zeus, his brother Hades (Ralph Feinnes) believes that Argos should be punished and if they do not sacrifice their daughter Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) to the Kraken in ten days, their entire city will be destroyed. As Perseusí family was killed in the conflict, he becomes embroiled into this war and is given the mission to find the legendary Stygian Witches in order to save the princess and once again stick it to the gods.

Along the way, he is helped by the beautiful Lo (Gemma Arterton) and Zeus as he fights giant scorpions, a really cool looking CGI Medusa and Calibos who has been cursed by the gods and is no way as cool nor scary as the original. The main villain is Hades who is played very well by Feinnes but overall, the acting leaves quite a bit to be desired and seems like a mix mash of ideas and plots from other films. I mean... why on Earth are Djinn's included in this film as they have no link whatsoever to classical Green mythology???

Worthington is quite wooden throughout the entire movie and Liam Neeson looks more Santa than god and I do miss the original Zeus played by the talented Lawrence Olivier. Apart from the plot, the creators attempted to build a movie on CGI which doesnít work (Star Wars Episode 1 & 2 comes to mind) which makes it difficult to relate to any of the characters, especially with their performances. Itís definitely a Generation Y film!

The video and audio quality look stunning on Blu-ray, especially all the CGI in the movie and although it looks cool, itís so overused. The video is sharp with vibrant colours and some great attention to detail and the audio compliments the film with its perfect use of surround sound, crystal clear dialogue and impressive soundtrack.

 I do commend Warner for the healthy dose of extras in this film, especially with the inclusion of the Maximum Movie Mode. The Maximum Movie Mode really gives you an interactive experience as to how the movie was made because as you watch the film, it interlinks various featurettes with the main movie, including commentary, special effects and the like. Itís probably the coolest aspect to the release. The next best aspect are the deleted scenes, 18-minutes worth and if these were included in the final cut, the movie would have been more passable as is the alternative ending. Lastly, there is a small featurette starring Worthington who done most of the stunts in this film and informs the viewer how he trained to become Perseus for the film.

Unfortunately in this world of remakes, we get some hits and misses and unfortunately Clash of the Titans falls into the later category and proves that CGI alone does not make a good movie. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the movie more, the second time around than at the cinemas!

Special Features:
Sam Worthington: An Action Hero for the Ages.
Deleted Scenes.
Alternate Ending.
Maximum Movie Mode: Join Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Director Louis Leterrier on an incredible journey all while you watch the movie.

Featurette Focus Points:
Sam Worthington is Perseus.
Zeus: Father of Gods and Men. 
Enter the World of Hades.
Calibos: The Man Behind the Monster.
Tenerife: A Continent on an Island.
Actors and Their Stunts.
Wales: A Beautiful Scarred Landscape.
Bringing Medusa to Life.
Prepare for the Kraken!


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