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Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS
Reviewed by
John Smith
Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS Review. If you enjoyed the original game or you're wanting a unique game for the Nintendo 3DS that not only showcases the console but gives the player a sturdy gaming experience, than Kid Icarus: Uprising is that game.

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.5
Value 8.5
Distributor: Mindscape
Review Date:
Feb 2012
John Smith


Kid Icarus Uprising

I remember playing a pre-release version of Kid Icarus: Uprising just before the Nintendo 3DS was released and I was quite gobsmacked at how much of a good game this was. Thankfully this still remains and Kid Icarus: Uprising is basically a sequel to the original game that returns players to Pit, an angel who must help defeat the Queen of the Underworld, Medusa and her army of the dead.

Thankfully Pit has the assistance of Palutena, the goddess of light and together they embark on a classic quest through Greek Mythology. The story uses humour quite a bit which makes this such a treat to play as all the characters that you encounter are enjoyable, even those pesky enemies.

Graphically, this is one impressive game on the Nintendo 3DS that boasts some exceptional environments, special effects and character models. The 3D of Kid Icarus: Uprising is easily one of the better uses of this technology on the 3DS console.

The game is also compatible with the Circle Pad Pro that does increase the responsiveness of the controls as you fly and engage in a variety of different melee attacks from air to ground. Another accessory that does come with the game is a stand and also 6 AR cards. The AR cards, although don't add that much to the gameplay, allow you to see the creatures come to life in your environments, however the stand is something totally different.

The stand allows you to position at any angle above any flat surface in order to give you an almost hands-free experience. This is definitely needed because your hands do get a workout while using this game. Without the Circle Pad Pro accessory, your hands will become tired, especially the way the controls are laid out and more importantly, the intensity of the game. With the stand, this gives you a well deserved rest and definitely increases the playability of the title. Both systems work well.

Another cool option is that if you're left handed, you can mirror the controls on the console which definitely gives our lefties equal standing in a game, especially on the 3DS and of course the Circle Pad Pro accessory. Controls are well mapped with the analog stick used to move, L to attack and the stylus to move the camera. It's quite decent.

Missions are quite diverse in the game and will take most players around 20 or so minutes to complete each mission which ensures that this game can be played for long or short sessions. Gameplay at times reminds me of SEGA's Space Harrier as there are quite a few on rails sections in the game, especially when you're flying around. This old school gaming method works well on the 3DS as you fly around and shoot the enemies with some movement being controlled by the game.

Your adrenaline starts to pump when you engage in the over the top bosses. Apart from flying, there are some land environments in the game as well which opens up more challenges to your melee combat and adds an element of platforming into the title as you take on Medusa's army of the Underworld. Enemies range from easy to quite difficult but fortunately Pit has a few tricks up his sleeves, including special powers that can be accessed from your touch screen.

When you do finish the single-player campaign, you can continue playing in order to find hidden things that you may have missed the first time around and I do applaud Nintendo for creating a game that doesn't just end when you finished defeating the last boss.

For those players who like multiplayer, Kid Icarus: Uprising supports up to six players (two teams of three) in a tournament mode called Light versus Dark. It's more of a no holes barred death match experience but you can earn additional weapons and powers here that can be used in your main campaign.

With that said, there are nine different categories of weapons in this game that all have their pros and cons such as the very cool bows. You even have access to vehicles in the game such as the Exo Tank which allows you to virtually run over enemies in order to defeat them. Add in an adjustable difficulty level and this game has quite a bit going for it.

Final Level

If you enjoyed the original game or you're wanting a unique game for the Nintendo 3DS that not only showcases the console but gives the player a sturdy gaming experience, than Kid Icarus: Uprising is that game. It features a great story that is oozing with humour and some sturdy control and gaming mechanics with not only the Circle Pad Pro accessory but also the included stand that will change the way some gamers play.

Check it out!


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