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UEFA Champions League 2006 2007 XBox 360 Review - -

Gameplay 9.2
Graphics 9.2
Sound 8.9
Value 9.1
Distributor: Atari
Review Date:
February 2007
Geoff Clarke


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UEFA Champions League 2006 2007

I love soccer and when I heard that EA were releasing UEFA Champions League 2006 2007, I was in gaming soccer heaven. With that said, UEFA Champions League 2006 2007 transports gamers into the world of the European soccer with that first class next generation console feel, new gaming options and entertainment from start to finish. 


  • Ultimate Team Mode: Build your Ultimate Team by collecting player, staff and gameplay cards then foster Team Chemistry through effectively organising your squad. Accumulate Staff, Training, Morale, Fitness and Healing cards to gain the tactical edge, then deal killer Gameplay cards at key moments during a match. Trade online your unwanted cards or trawl the market for the ones you need to complete your title-winning team.

  • Take on the World’s Best: For the greatest rewards, put your managerial ability and your mastery of the pitch to the test by playing and trading online.

  • UEFA Champions League Challenge: Recreate and reshape the greatest moments of UEFA Champions League history. Tackle some of the most memorable moments from various stages of the UEFA Champions League tournament for a shot at a variety of demanding Final scenarios.

  • UEFA Champions League Tournament: Recreate or customise the real-world groupings of the official UEFA Champions League tournament, then lead your team out of the group stages and on to continental glory. Beat any existing UEFA Champions League record to write yourself into the prestigious History Book.

  • The Lounge: Invite up to seven mates into Lounge mode to battle for Euro-supremacy. Use Lounge cards to shoot your Ultimate Team to a top-of-the-leaderboard finish and unlock a stack of rewards. Then refer local rivals to your win/loss record to bring home the bragging rights.

Although this current version of UEFA Champions is reminiscent of previous soccer EA soccer games, what really sets this title apart from its competitors are the superior graphics and the new addition of being able to collect cards and trade them online to give the franchise a unique innovative experience.

However, to get right into the crux of the matter, the ultimate team mode is the place to start for anyone wanting to dive right into the card collecting goodness. The goal here is to assemble a franchise starting from the ground up in hopes of eventually earning yourself a ‘golden ticket,’ which will then grant you access to compete in the coveted Champions League. This isn’t necessarily new to sports games as most of you know, but the process you take to build your squad most certainly is. All of this becomes possible by opening packs of virtual trading cards that contain a variety of players, coaches, managers, stadiums, kits, trainers, and even attribute boosts. These packs literally contain everything you will need to get started, but keep in mind they do cost money.

Although the game uses the FIFA engine, the title has been tweaked in a number of ways such as improved ball and player physics that really add to the gameplay of the title with a real "soccer" feel. The change certainly benefits the look and realism of matches but it does mean that the players are a little less responsive on the turn. Player collision is much better too and this aids defending a little, although the defending is still a bit tricky.

The controls have been tweaked too with crossing now much more a matter of skill than just tapping B. Passing and through balls are also much better than previous FIFA releases; in fact it is positively PES like. Delve into the control options and you'll actually find a setting called 'New Default' which actually maps all the same buttons as PES6! If you are familiar with PES then there are a few extra buttons to contend with.

Those familiar with FIFA 07 will feel mostly at home in the gameplay department, with a few exceptions of course. For starters, the pace of the action has been reduced, and it does the game wonders in the end. Less matches turn into shootouts, less fouls are called, and an overall more tactical game can be played. Also, the tried-and-true formula of sweeping down the wing and crossing passes into the penalty area with success is much harder now. Sometimes so much patience and precise passing is required that the end-resulting goal resembles those found in Winning Eleven, which is definitely a move in the right direction for any EA soccer title.

In conclusion, UEFA 2007 is definitely a brilliant soccer with a few new gameplay options that really gives this title the longevity which beats its competitors. The new ultimate team mode with its card collection aspect gives players a new soccer experience, apart from the traditional console soccer gameplay. Highly Recommended!


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