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Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9.5
Sound 10
Value 10
Distributor: XBox Live
Runic Games
Review Date:
April 2011
Edwin Millheim



Who does not enjoy a simple hack and slash dungeon crawl now and again? Better yet, with the likes of Travis Baldree, the person who designed “Fate” and then Erich and Max Schaefer, co- founders of Blizzard North join forces that is of course promise of gaming awesomeness. Add in Peter Hu and the team that was part of Flagship Studios who brought us Mythos….all join forces as part of the team to put together a game, it is going to be something pretty darn cool. In fact it is. Welcome to Torchlight, a mining settlement that has a few problems. Its mines are beset with all sorts of nefarious beasties. Of course, it is a vast underground network of caves and dark passages, what self respecting beast would not want to lurk therein?

As with many of these adventures that has a town that needs saving from the forces of evil, it is in need of heroes, and that my fellow Impulse Gamers is where you as the player character comes in!

This game has all the trappings of what a good dungeon, sword and sorcery adventure should have. Plenty of hacking and slashing, treasure, enemies, caverns, lost civilizations with ancient evil secrets laying in wait, plenty of adventure to be had with plenty of weapons and magical items to aid the hero in the quest for more loot, errr I mean to save the town of Torchlight.

The surrounding and the characters stylized looks are such a way that they would appeal to most age groups. They are not too realistic, nor are they too over the top cartoony; it is a pleasing look to it all.

Non Player Characters are rife with chances to take on missions and tasks. This gives the player plenty of chances to explore deeper into the cavernous world. There are things that unfold that can well force the character into some of the adventures and dungeon delving, in the line of a curse. Nothing motivates the player more than looming ghastly demise.

You do not go it alone; you get an animal companion, in the form of a Cat or Dog. I got a cat and named it Spot. What is fun about this is that by feeding them a special fish they can interchange the animal with this special magical fish. I have a big fish that I can feed my cat in the game; it says the change is permanent. The effect would turn my cat into a troll. I for one did not want a Troll. So I am not feeding my cat the fish. I would have liked it if it would make my pet, as is a more badass pet, maybe a flaming cat with fire damage attacks or something that would have been cool.

In the setting, the player can make their pet be more aggressive or more defensive in their nature. Your trusty companion aids you in the battles when the minions of the dark places swarm you and you will be swamped with plenty of wee beasties and malevolent beings with long pointy teeth. Never fear though because most of the time defeating these enemies gets the player plenty of treasure items.

Through out the adventures there are of course larger and more powerful foes and then there are some that one may consider boss battles. The enemies are not always huge, but they are larger than the minions around them, or they may be able to cast spells. Couple this with these of course the extra gaggle of baddies around them and it could overwhelm a not so cautious player.

The character, whatever class they may be, uses mana to power some of their magical attacks. It is a wise strategy to keep some of that mana in reserve for when you start raining down blows on the big bad and their posse.

The world is well made with multiple levels to the mines, surprising crypts, and other dark places that others may fear to tread, no so for our brave player character of course. It all comes together in a fun filled dungeon romp. If you are into games like Dungeons and Dragons or even Diablo, or Diablo II then this game is for you. Heck even if your not into those and want some simple dungeon hack and slash fun, Torchlight is a game you will be playing in your spare hours, maybe even taking up hours you don’t have time to spare, but will be doing so for this game.

The character has inventory slots and you will do well to use these for potions and extra magic to aid you along in the more advanced dungeons. As you go along as noted, there is treasure, and the player gets to spend said treasure on upgrades, potions and enchantments in town. At first, it does not seem like much but some enchantments can soon cause your money to dwindle fast. So snatch up as much gold as you can in your adventures so you can purchase better weapons armor and enchanted items and potions.

With no outdoor locations, one would have thought that the designers would soon run out of interesting areas. Not so with Torchlight, the underground world keeps up the interest very well. Though I hope with Runic Games already talking about cool stuff for Torchlight II, I am hoping for some outside adventuring as well.

Torchlight is a highly enjoyable game, easy to get the hang of and the over all design elements are very pleasing. Torchlight by Runic Games is necessary game to have in the library of games for any true sword and sorcery fan. This game is dungeon crawling, sword and sorcery at its purest and fun form.

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Edwin Millheim
United States Editor
Impulse Gamer


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