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Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.5
Value 7.5
Distributor: EA
Review Date:
January 2008
Edwin Millheim


The Simpsons Game

You’ll laugh you’ll cry, but in the middle of it all you will laugh some more. The Simpsons Game from EA Games has the unusual ability to frustrate at times, but keep you coming back just to have some silly fun. The over all look of the game world is pretty darn good. The feeling you get is that you have some how become part of the TV world of The Simpsons. There you are in a spectacularly re created Springfield, and its cast of dozens upon dozens of characters from the show. Running around a virtual Springfield and going to locations seen on the show like Krusty Burgers or Moe’s really adds the touch of authenticity to the game world. Any fan of the show will get a real kick out of this game and may actually win over some new fans that have perhaps never even seen an episode. All the humor is there, and parents unless you have been living under a rock for the past several years. Do not let the cartoon look fool you too much, some of the humor can be more adult oriented. Not over the top adult, but you may want to rent it before you buy it for any kids.


  • Play Your Favorite Characters – Battle enemies and save Springfield while playing as your favorite dysfunctional TV family; Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge and even Maggie Simpson.

  • The Real Simpsons – With the actual voice actors from the TV show and movie reprising their roles; characters from The Simpsons Game sound exactly as they should.

  • Unique Character Abilities – While The Simpsons family have general abilities that can be used to fight opponents, interact with environments, and finish puzzles; each one has been imbued with special abilities that are unique to their personalities. These abilities grow and change as they progress through the story to battle tougher and tougher enemies in their quest to save Springfield!

  • Looks Like The Simpsons – Using innovative 3D into 2D technology, the developers have been able to recreate Springfield and the entire cast of The Simpsons as the most visually authentic Simpsons game to date.

  • Featuring Favorite and Original Springfieldeans! – The Simpsons Game features over 100 of your favorite Simpsons characters from the show along with 50+ new characters that were inspired by the fiction.

  • An Original Episodic Adventure – The Simpsons Game features a 100% original script from the writers of the show with 4 distinct acts divided into 16 episodes and over 8,000 lines of dialogue.

  • Springfield Hub – The open-world Springfield was designed as a central locale to jump into episodes with iconic locations to visit, characters to be visited and interact with, and hundreds of collectibles to be found.

  • Parodies and Satire – With parodies of the video game industry, pop culture and current events, the game has the same gut wrenching hilarity as the show.

  • Co-op Play – With two members of The Simpsons family involved in each episode, all episodes can be played cooperatively in addition to being played in single-player mode. Play by yourself and switch between characters to solve the various puzzles or have a friend come over, pick up a controller and drop-in drop-out of any episode they choose.

  • Collectibles – Roam throughout the episodes and Springfield itself to discover custom video game clichés, and unique collectibles for each member of The Simpsons family. Collectibles lead to trophies that increase your family’s powers, and can be viewed in your trophy rooms back at home on Evergreen Terrace.

  • Time Challenges – Every episode can be replayed, and each unlocks a unique Time Challenge. Use the skills you’ve learned throughout the game to beat target times over 16 individual Time Challenges.

  • Enjoy more than 6,000 lines of dialogue and 16 chapters of hilarity in these popular platforms. Jump directly from The Simpsons House from one episode to the next, or into your saved game.

Through out the game experience, players get to play different pairings of the Simpsons family and effectively tag team back and forth between them in order to use each ones unique skills to get through the level. Each level is chock full of enemies to dispatch, and the characters played have at least one standard attack and a few special abilities. Bart for instance uses a long range attack utilizing a sling shot, and he can also become Bart Man and has the ability to glide. This comes in handy over several levels and is actually one of my more favorite characters to play. As you put along through the levels and are in control of one character the AI controls the other. For the most part the AI is fairly good at keep the AI controlled character out of trouble. In a pinch switching between the two to take a more strategic hand in things is a snap.

As par most games that utilize extra character to help the player character along though, it more times than not feels like the player character is the one with the big bulls eye painted on them as all the AI enemy seem bent on going after that player controlled character more aggressively than the AI controlled character.

There is a co op option but it does not really seem as if it had set out to be even part of the game, more like an after thought either way though it is still fun to have a friend play along with you. It does not really seem as though you need them for anything. You can have them keep the bad guys off of you while you perform other tasks.

Now if I had to lay some gripes down on The Simpsons game, I would have to say that some times the controls and camera angles of the action tend to get annoying at times. Especially when there is a crucial jump coming up and the angle goes askew and you have to then re load and perform the sequence again. The levels while different from one another the play can get more than a bit repetitive fairly quickly. At times some of the simplest things become a chore from the ninth pit of Hades because of the controls. The game reminds me of some of the old coin op games you used to stuff quarters in to play, but would get so frustrated you wanted to stop, but noooooo you would just shove another bunch of quarters in because you just had to make it to that next level.

There is not a heck of a lot to the game play. It’s all pretty straight forward and the learning curve of the controls is very short. So any one can pick the game up and have a blast within minutes. The Simpsons gives a gives a good fix to the game fans who want to take a romp in the world of the Simpsons, it’s like a casual game on a full game scale. Well done, and it gets a full Impulse Gamer nod

Have fun, play games
Edwin Millheim


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