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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 7.0
Value 8.0
Distributor: XBox Live
Review Date:
May 2011
Hayley Clements


The Dishwasher Vampire Smile

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is the sequel to “Dead Samurai” and shares the same stylized gameplay. This is a side scrolling game. It is a violent blend of quick-paced game play with stylistic dark graphics. This time, Ska studios kicked it up a notch and delivered a very addicting game.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is a unique game. When you first walk into it, it takes you off guard. I truly was not ready for this game and was very surprised at just how fun it was from the very beginning. The story to it is somewhat confusing in the beginning (as it was meant to be). You start in a prison in space that you have to break out of. During your time, you have multiple cut in scenes that bring you to, what it looks like, a medical hospital. The whole game is filled it blood on the walls, body parts strewn about, and signs or screens telling you how futile your efforts are to fight.

But your fighting is anything but futile. Every slice, stab, blow, or kick sends your enemies flying or gushing blood. Upon killing an enemy, his corpse normally explodes with blood, covering the walls and floors. There are also finishers that you can press either B or X to access. Each one of these finishers lobs off a head or other body parts completely annihilating your enemy. It also seems to restore some health back to you when you execute a perfect finisher.

You can also fly. Yes, I said fly… Pressing the RS (Right Analog Stick) will surge you forward, through walls or enemies in a cloud of smoke or, depending on your character, a spray of blood. You can teleport or fly through the air with this, and in combat, this Is your best ally. Being able to teleport behind an enemy and unleash havoc on them really quickens the games pace and helps deliver the action packed punch this game contains.

The levels themselves are well designed and are not easy to get lost in. Most of the time there are arrows pointing up, down, left, or right to tell you which directions to go. Even in the dreamlike hospital there’s at least arrows painted in blood on the ground or walls to help you go where you need to go. Surprisingly this didn’t take away from the game. In many other games I have played that have very obvious directions on where to go such as arrows and pointers, they seemed to take you out of the game world and remind you, your just playing a game and there are set rule on where to go. In this game, the arrows are the pointers to where more of the heart-pounding action is!

Boss fights are hectic and crazy in the best possible way. However, on medium, they were not very hard and I could complete the battle, they all had special mechanics and they all really hurt. One boss in particular spewed zombies all over the place filling the screen with more fodder to be cut through. With blood flying everywhere or bosses grabbing you and pounding you in the face, your blood defiantly gets pumping. When you finally lower the boss to nothing, and activate your finisher the satisfaction of defeating the boss is defiantly worth fighting through another level to do again.

What is a hack and slash fighting game without weapons? This game has weapons galore with all different effects. From huge spiked clubs, to quick nimble blades, and even as far as S.M.G.s, there’s no shortage of weaponry in this game. While using the spiked club, due to its size you cannot teleport. Thankfully, they made it easy to switch between your weapons. You have two weapon sets, each set holding two weapons. To switch between them all you have to do it hit the left or right bumper and your weapon instantly changes, making it easy to switch on the go. This being said, you can also upgrade your weapons and buy items as well as collect items throughout the game. Some items will open up new areas; while others will cure you, or heal you.

When upgrading your weapons, all you have to do is buy the upgrade for the desired weapon from the little droid; vendor and you are all set for mayhem.
While the art is well done and really puts you in a different state of mind there are some small flaws. The cut scenes are in a dark comic book style with text popping up in boxes. The only bad thing I found about these cut scenes were that some went a little too quick for your eyes to see it. The boxes themselves were a little hard to read, unless you have a large TV, so having to read them quickly was challenging. Once your eyes have adjusted to the graphics style and the contrast between the darks and lights, it becomes a little easier to read and understand.

Another thing this game has to offer is music. Not ONLY Is the music in this game really well done and enhances the game play, but you get to play your own music as well. I saw a guitar and amp sitting on a ledge and walked up to it. To my surprise pressing B picked it up and started a key activated sequence almost like Rock Band or Guitar Hero. Pressing the right button (A,B,X,Y) at the right time will play the music, which builds and builds until an explosive finish that smashes your guitar and leaves you even more pumped for battle.

In all my experience with this game was a very good one. I loved how addicting it was and how it really felt unique from so many other games out there. I personally don’t care if the violence level of a game is high or low, but in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile I loved the way they did the violence, and that’s saying something. This fast paced, gore filled, side-scroller is a game for any mature gamers who want to get addicted to game for a while and dive into a exciting game. Let the massacre begin!

Game hard, play happy!

Hayley Clements
Impulse Gamer
United States Team Writer


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