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Spider-Man Edge of Time
Reviewed by
James Wright
Spider-Man Edge of Time XBox 360 Review Given that Batman Arkham City was just released, I was really hoping that Spider-Man: Edge of Time would be the answer to those who wanted something different to the Dark Knight but unfortunately Beenox went a step back by limiting our freedom.

Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 8.8
Sound 8.7
Value 7.4
Publisher: Activision
Review Date:
Oct 2011
James Wright


Spider-Man Edge of Time

Developers Beenox are once again unleashed into the universe of Spider-Man as they are joined by comic scribe Peter David to tell another exciting tale of one of the worlds most endearing superhero characters... Peter Parker (Aka Spider-Man). In this "sequel" to Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, time plays a key factor in the game and your goal is simple, prevent a cataclysmic event that will lead to the death of the Amazing Spider-Man which causes a ripple effect that will create a dystopian future thanks to Walker Sloan (Val Kilmer). In the game, Sloan intends to go back in time and change the Daily Bugle into an evil corporation known as Alchemex which will change history itself.

To help the gamer prevent this heinous outcome, players get to control both the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara), each with their pros and cons that does require a slight strategy change when controlling them. The story itself is also set in parallel time-lines where the action of the first Spider-Man may effect the outcome for O'Hara as Spider-Man 2099.

Given that, the game opens up just how a Spider-Man game should which is reminiscent of the movie as the credits interact with the first opening sequence as the player controls Spider-Man which does teach you the basics of the control system. It's actually kind of cool, especially if you're a fan of Spider-Man!

Gameplay wise, Spider-Man: Edge of Time is a third person action adventure and unlike the previous games, much of the game takes place inside as opposed to the lush outdoor areas of the older games in the series. This does limit the freedom of the player, especially given the scope of what Spider-Man can do with his webs outdoor and it creates a very claustrophobic experience which its developers have tried to mimic with the story. You do get to use your other powers and your webs but as a Spider-Man fan, I felt quite limited with the choices that my character could do and this also effects some of the boss battles. Nonetheless, it was interesting.

On the XBox 360, the controls work well with the controller and everything feels well mapped without your fingers getting in the way as you run, jump, spin webs and pummel your enemies. Combat however is the key to the gameplay in the title and there is quite a bit that Spider-Man can do and enemies are quite diverse with certain villains taken directly from the comics itself. Depending on your difficultly level, the AI can give you a challenge as use your webs and super strength to take them down.

It should also be noted that both Spider-men are slightly different and O’Hara has access to futuristic technology unlike Peter Parker. If you do happen to die, save points are well placed and although you can indirectly effect the future, I'm a little weary as to how much this cause and effect was really used in the game. For the purists like myself, there are some great bonuses to be found throughout the game such as newspaper snippets of the changed timeline to unlockable costumes (more fanboy service) and even action figures to collect. It is a Spider-man and plays well but there is a huge limitation of not being able to swing anywhere you like.


Graphically, Spider-Man: Edge of Time is a very dark looking time due to its depressing dystopian future that has been changed by the villain Sloan and the developers have successfully managed to pull this off. The environments are well detailed and the character animation is flawless. There's some really nice HD textures used for the characters and all characters move with this human-like grace, although Spider-Man feels more cat then spider.

The voice acting is perfect and Val Kilmer lends his voice well to the villain in the game. The musical score suits the gameplay perfectly, albeit quite forgettable and the sound effects add to the overall gaming experience. Gameplay is good and the graphics and audio compliment this.

Final Level?

In Spider-Man: Edge of Time, I feel like a clipped bird, just wanting to fly a little further and you do get the feeling that you are stuck in a huge cage which is more maze like. The gameplay is sturdy but I yearned for that open world experience of the previous Spidey games which did not limit where I could go or explore.

The combat was refreshingly entertaining but given the limitations of the gaming environment, this was slightly effected but if you want a challenge, this is the game to get. Given that Batman Arkham City was just released, I was really hoping that Spider-Man: Edge of Time would be the answer to those who wanted something different to the Dark Knight but unfortunately Beenox went a step back by limiting our freedom. Even so, it's a game for fans!


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