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Rocksmith Bass DLC
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
Rocksmith Bass DLC 360 Review. The game is a bit high priced; the production value is very good. For some players this may make it well worth the Microsoft points it costs. A straight forward game with for the most part simple environmental puzzles, though at times some of the darker environments can make seeing just how to get past a puzzle a little difficult.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 10
Sound 10
Value 10
Distributor: Ubisoft
Review Date:
August 2012
Edwin Millheim


Rocksmith Bass DLC

Purchase download to the core game that was sent over by Ubisoft. Bass support is here for Rocksmith, so when our Australian readers have a chance to get the game when it releases to our Impulse Gamer Australian Brothers and Sisters of gaming, they will be able to get hold of the DLC instead of waiting so long like the rest of us. Better yet, some of the play bugs will be worked out by the time you get your hands on it.

Bass arrangements are now part of all the Rocksmith Tracks, so if you get your hands on the DLC and you want to try your hand at the Bass lines. Get ready to rock. Much like the original core game, this will assist new comers and even assist experienced Bass players improve their skills. Learning new songs and styles has never been so much fun. Better yet, the game tracks progression for both Guitar and Bass Separately.

Now do not get me wrong here, just as I stated in my Rocksmith review, the game canít teach you cold out right how to play. As a learning tool it is incredible and is a massive step forward. It melds gaming into a learning tool. To really learn, you have to be dedicated though. I am still a beginner by ever sense of the word. With Rocksmith though it has made learning techniques and notes fun and when I start hitting notes and it actually sounds like the song, even better, it motivates me to want to learn more.

Now this review is based on the Bass DLC support. Letís jump right in. At the time of this writing it is unknown if the issue with Bass support has been smoothed over yet. Here was the issue along with the fix that we found worked. After the Bass install and you click on Bass and then eventÖno songs would come up. To the point, Sorry folks we found we had to start out as amateurs again and delete our saved games. No problem. We have come along in playing enough that getting back up in our rankings is a lot faster this time around. So no big there. The next thing was a couple of people pointed out about load times; I feel the lode times are not bad at all for this game. So I think that one like many things comes down to personal opinion.

Now the original game came also with a bundle including an Epiphone Les Paul guitar, this time around the Bass support is only the Bass support. No bundles with a Bass. Now what we found really cool was at least some foresight on Ubisoftís partÖnot everyone will have a Bass guitar. If you have a Bass guitar you are all set. If you only have an electric guitar the game has an emulator mode where an electric guitar is used and only four of the strings are used. Gamers that want to be prolific will be happy to know that the game also tracks both Bass and Guitar progression separately. Better yet, electric guitar or Bass, you do not really need to go out and grab up an ultra-expensive guitar or bass. Check out sites like and even for our Australian readers My

You can pick up a guitar or Bass for not much more than you pay for mid to high end game controllers.

As with the core game, Bass support has an adaptive difficulty system. So as you are getting more and more notes the game will throw a bit more at you, and even back off when it can tell your stumbling. From single notes to complex chord progressions there is something here for every level of player. So beginners learn more and veterans have the blast of learning new songs and perfecting technique and playing with a smorgasbord of pedals and effects that you would normally have to spend huge amounts of cash for. Rocksmith emulates it all for you in the game. Whatís cool? You do get better.

With the Bass DLC there are new things added to the game, including the original songs that came with the core game, and any downloaded DLC songs. New Bass arrangements have been added to all the songs, new training techniques and Bass games.

With the new Bass DLC it adds even more depth to the game in regards to multiplayer. Now a guitar player and Bass player can play at the same time for some fun Jam sessions. We fill a solid fun game has now made the circle complete and the rock gods do smile down upon us all.

Now more than ever Rocksmith is the game to own when it comes to learning about guitar or Bass and having a blast doing it. We say good on you Ubisoft. Now letís see what the future holds for Song DLC for this multi layered game. Rocksmith. Watch for our round up of the song DLC and in that same article we make some Rocksmith playing suggestions that will give beginners a leg up on rocking out in this game.

Just to remind our Australian readers again, time is almost up to enter the cool contest that lets you win a copy of the game and an AXL Badwater guitar. You know that saying you canít win unless you enter.

Instead of keeping that fantasy of rocking out even in a small way to only poking at colored buttons on a toy guitar, Ubisoft stepped up and got innovative. Giving us the chance to practice, and learn on a real guitar and now Bass.

Have fun, play games and Rock On.
Edwin Millheim



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