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Medal of Honor Airborne XBox 360 Review - -

Gameplay 9.0
Graphics 9.0
Sound 8.8
Value 9.0
Distributor: EA Games
Review Date:
October 2007
Oliver Gates


Medal of Honor Airborne

Finally.. the Medal of Honor series return and on what better console than the XBox 360 in Medal of Honor Airborne that allows gamers to transform into Private First Class Boyd Travers of the 82nd Airborne division as battles through war torn Europe from Sicily to Germany. Once again the developers call on the expertise spokesperson for Medal of Honor Airborne, Captain Dale Dye who has worked as a Military Technical Advisor for the last 7 games, ensuring one of the most realistic and accurate military games to date.  

Key Features:

  • NON-LINEAR Missions in a free-roaming FPS Experience the intensity of a cinematic, story-driven game with the freedom of NON-LINEAR missions in a free roaming FPS environment.

  • The JUMP will fundamentally affect how the game is played.

  • Start each mission with a fully interactive airdrop into enemy territory. Your landing spot can dramatically change the way each mission is played out.

  • A wide variety of historically accurate CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONS are at your disposal.

  • Develop skills on your personalized weapon with field modifications that remain persistent throughout the entire game.

  • Medal of Honor Airborne will present the MOST BELIEVABLE HUMANS in a game.

  • Utilizing the very latest technology to deliver truly believable humans within the gaming environment.

  • Dynamic Online play

The current title revolves around the bravery of the 82nd Airborne Division who parachuted behind enemy lines in both night and day operations in World War II to seize or destroy key objectives and to pave the way for larger Allied offensives.

At the start of every mission you must first jump out of a plane and parachute down to the battlefield, and must choose to either land in the “safe zones” marked with green smoke or can choose to literally land nearly anywhere on the battlefield that they wish.

Although much of the levels involve parachuting in, once on the ground Medal of Honor: Airborne plays much like a standard first-person shooter. You have a fairly standard array of actions you can perform such as sprinting, using and cooking grenades, using your weapon to melee an opponent, and aiming down the gun's sights. When playing on the normal or especially the expert difficulty levels the title plays out much like a realistic shooter that rewards taking cover and methodically moving up as opposed to blindly running and gunning.

At the start of every mission you can choose your weapon load-out, and the choices available expand from mission to mission. You can equip three weapon slots, two for primary weapons and one of the game's two pistols.

The primary slot choices range anywhere from Allied to Axis weaponry, BAR automatic rifles to shotguns, MP40 submachine guns to Kar98k bolt action rifles. As you use any weapon you then gain experience with it, and at three intervals of experience the weapon gains an upgrade such as a faster reload speed, higher damage rounds, or accuracy increases.

Medal of Honor: Airborne does support multiplayer of up to twelve players over Xbox Live in either objective-based or capture the flag modes of play. Much as in the single player campaign the allied forces parachute onto the battlefield and combatants on both sides gain experience with their weaponry.

The weapon experience level each player has in multiplayer is separate from the single player experience they may have gained, but like the single player the experience carries over from match to match.

Graphically the game is a powerhouse that makes battles seem completely chaotic thanks to impressive explosion, smoke, and debris effects. When you sprint the camera enters a slightly blurred shaky-cam state that only adds to the hectic feeling as you run from cover to cover, and the viewpoint realistically shifts as the player lands from parachuting and begins to unbuckle his parachute and harness.

The music and sounds are mixed very well together, with music taking a backseat to the sounds of gunfire in normal combat and swelling when the action reaches a cliffhanger moment.

In conclusion, Medal of Honor Airborne pushes the genre to its next evolutionary stage with extraordinary graphics, gameplay and sound, giving the gamer a thoroughly satisfying and realistic first person shooter experience set in turbulent World War II.


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