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Fifa 10 XBox 360 Review - -

Gameplay 9.7
Graphics 9.4
Sound 9.0
Value 9.8
Distributor: EA
Review Date:
October 2009
James Wright



Itís amazing that EA Sportís soccer series, FIFA has been going since 1993 and even though the rivalry between Namco Bandaiís Pro Evolution Soccer has gotten more intense, this rivalry has ensured that both games offer the game world something the best there is to offer. The competition has also ensured that gamers continue getting some impressive updated gameplay. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you FIFA 2010!

The control system of FIFA 10 has received a revolutionary makeover that gives you total 360 control over your player and your shots through the new 360 degrees dribbling system. This gives you more control than ever and although takes a little getting use, it gives you some brilliant control over the ball.

Match that with realistic ball mechanics and FIFA 10 is as close to us mere mortals will get to playing professional football. Featuring a variety of different shots, FIFA 10 is quite a fast moving game but best of all, the new control system makes it easier for new players to pickup.

The realism of the game also relates to the players, each with their pros and cons which assists in transcending the game from arcade to simulation. Add in tutorial videos and EA Sports ensures that this game surpasses all that has came before it and these videos are excellent for honing your skills. AI has received a new facelift, making players, especially opponents a little more unpredictable.

The control system on the XBox 360 is perfect, thanks to the new 360 degrees dribbling system and add in just the right amount of force feedback and whether your attempting to pass the ball to another player, curving the ball as you kick it or attempting to kick that goal, the fluidity of the title is unparalleled.

Also returning to the series is "Be-A-Pro" that allows you to start as a humble club player and eventually end up as an international star. As you design your player from the ground you up, you can even upload your face to the EA server to be on the player you created.

This is definitely an interesting step that the franchise has taken and does allow for increased longevity and playability of the title. This virtual player can even be taken online to play a variety of matches and even fight for a ranking in the world's top is definitely a great aim for those lovers of soccer.

Thanks to the new animations, seeing the new gameplay is quite evident as you attempt to kick, pass and shoot the ball. Of course, the highlight is the skilled dribbling mode in FIFA 2010 that by using the shoulders buttons of the controller, it allows you to have tighter control over the ball itself, especially when you are navigating across the field and against opposition players.

EA have also revamped the Manager Mode in FIFA 10 with apparently over 50 improvements to the system. Although we could not pinpoint all the changes, the Manager Mode is definitely more than just an afterthought and is quite detailed compared to previous versions and is almost like a standalone soccer manager title. With Interactive Leagues, exhibitions and the like, there is a considerable amount of customization and the more to indulge you.

Graphically, FIFA 10 has received some slight graphical improvements, although itís not that noticeable but even so, this is easily the most visually impressive soccer game ever. Even the players mimic their real-world counterparts and have a considerable high amount of polygons and extraordinary texture details.

Player movement is brilliant, thanks to the all-new animation technology that also translates to dribbling the ball in the game. The stadiums also look perfect as well and the overall menu system of FIFA 10 and it really shows the power of next generation consoles perfectly.

The soundtrack of FIFA 2010 definitely kicks some serious ass and add in the commentary of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, and this soccer game sounds brilliant through a surround sound setup. Add in the sound of the crowd and the various noises of kicking, passing and shooting a soccer ball and EA have definitely ensured that this virtual soccer game is a very pleasant sounding, more specifically impressive sounding game. Play it loud ok!

At the end of the sporting day, EA Sports have truly put their FIFA soccer series on the next tier and the new 360 control system is definitely the best change of this franchise in years. Giving tighter controls and more flexibility, playing FIFA 2010 was a joy, especially with the official players, clubs and like. Pro Evo Soccer will definitely have a hard time beating this title.

Highly Recommended!


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