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Gameplay 8.0
Graphics 9.1
Sound 8.3
Value 8.0
Distributor: Microsoft
Review Date:
February 2007
Andrew B


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The Grand Theft Auto series is phenomenal and in recent years, there have many contenders to the title that have always fallen short such as State of Emergency, Godfather or even Saint's Row that almost got close.

The latest contender to the challenge the GTA franchise is Crackdown that allows the gamer to play a super-hero type police officer. However unlike ordinary police officers, your character is basically a super cop in a futuristic world where you can perform a variety of super-hero type maneuvers in the gaming world that makes for some extremely entertaining and delicious fun.

Still sounds a little familiar to GTA? That's because the legendary Dave Jones, one of the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series is behind this latest XBox 360 game.


  • Brilliant experience from a legendary game designer. From Dave Jones, the creative mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, comes Crackdown, an explosive masterpiece set to define open-world, free-form next-generation gaming.

  • True next-generation visuals. Harnessing the power of Xbox 360, Crackdown players enforce justice against the backdrop of a crime-ridden metropolis that is massive in scale, monstrous in scope and meticulous in detail. The unique presentation style employs a highly stylized rendering technique that turns the game into a living graphical novel.

  • Cooperative gameplay for double the mayhem. From the game™s initial concept to final design, Real Time Worlds focused on delivering dynamic, engaging cooperative gameplay for double the carnage, action and intensity.

  • 3-D free-form gameplay. For the first time ever, an urban playground has been created to encourage players to explore and exploit the full width, depth and height of a city. Players wage war on the crime syndicates by taking part in high-octane chases on foot and on wheels while using any appropriate route along, around, across, over, under or through the environment. Freedom abounds because it is up to the player to determine how best to complete the nonlinear objectives in a myriad of wild and creative ways.

  • Over-the-top action. All strategies and tactics are acceptable, provided players reclaim the streets by unleashing the awesome abilities inside each agent. As players develop and hone their gameplay skills, their agent™s genetic tendencies will increase, allowing players to realize their agent™s full potential. Players will be able to run at dazzling speeds, take death-defying leaps, handle the most incredible weapons, perform impossible vehicular maneuvers, move massive objects and deliver bone-crushing blows.

  • Music as environment. More than 100 licensed tracks, spanning a wide range of styles and genres, give audio identities to characters and locations in Crackdown. The music coupled with a next-generation use of 5.1 surround sound will let gamers know just from the music and sound effects they hear which crime syndicate is headed their way.

  • The environment as a weapon. Is a character low on ammo? No problem. Thanks to an amazing amount of props and a deep physics system, players can use whatever they can get their hands on as weapons ” trash cans, vehicles, even people" to clean the streets of crime. In Crackdown, the effects of the players™ actions stay in place much longer than in other open-environment titles, giving gamers a far greater range of options when setting the scene for mass destruction. If players gather vehicles to create a barricade, they will be there when the they return with more. Gamers can create an arrangement of explosives and come back later to set the explosion. Crackdown remembers, and reacts, to the players™ actions within the game world

Crackdown is more like your traditional arcade game where you must engage in a wide gamut of different enemies, however where the title comes into its own is the abilities your characters can perform such as kicking people off buildings or using some highly unrealistic weapons to blow them into Kingdom Come... it's over the top, clichéd and definitely going to be a classic.

But wait? What's the story of Crackdown? Crackdown unfortunately doesn't feature an in-depth story like Grand Theft Auto but revolves around a genetically engineered cop who has been given the arduous task of bringing down three gangland kingpins, each controlling a different section of Pacific City.

You need to use whatever force is available to you and needless to say some extreme prejudice. Apart from the city, there are also other places to explore such as secret hideouts or nefarious research labs, perfect comic book places. Apart from using a wide range of technological advanced weaponry, the player can also use their environment to dispatch their foes, whether it's throwing trash cans or cars, you will easily find something to use in this interactive environment.

When you first start the game, you being at the Agency Tower which is basically in the middle of the city and from there you receive your memos in order to rid the streets of the scum that have laid claim to it.

The missions are well structured and definitely entertaining and I'm sure most gamers will play this title a few times. To add something even more entertaining into the mix, you can also complete Crackdown with another player an an exciting cooperation mode that was a hit in the impulsegamer offices.

Graphically, Crackdown is a visual treat on the XBox 360 that features some gorgeous gaming environment with a healthy dose of cell-shading, even though some areas may look simplistic, the attention to detail is extraordinary.

From realistic explosions and lighting to characters that move with a human-like grace, everything has been implemented perfectly into the title. The draw distance and frame rate is also a first class experience, probably one of the best I've seen in a long time.

As with the graphics, the audio is great which also features clichéd and over the top voice acting (perfect for this genre), an intensive musical score that also lends itself well to the genre and also a plethora of sound effects from just about everything you would hear in combat from the ambient sounds of Pacific City itself to the whispering of criminals

In conclusion, Crackdown is not Grand Theft Auto and is its own "game" that features highly addictive gameplay, drop-dead gorgeous graphics and probably the most fun on the XBox 360 console in a long time. However the replay value for this old gamer was a little lapse.


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