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Gameplay 9.5
Graphics 9.5
Sound 9.5
Value 9.5
Distributor: UbiSoft
Review Date:
July 2011
Peter Bourke


Child of Eden

Child of Eden is not only one of the best Kinect games available but it's also a worthy successor to Rez (PlayStation 2) that flawlessly combines cordless controls with a visually stunning and addictive game. With a beautiful cinematic opening, Child of Eden takes place in the distant future where mankind has finally left Earth and the internet, now known as Eden has become an integral part of all the memories of mankind. Unfortunately Eden is at threat and more specifically Lumi, the first child born in space whose memories are contained within this huge expanse. Your job is to remove the digital parasites that not only threaten Eden but also Lumi in this psychedelic game that uses shapes, colours and music.

However unlike Rez, Child of Eden supports FULL HD and looks beautiful as is the gameplay. The only downside to Child of Eden is that it is relatively quite short and most gamers could knock this game over in a few hours, even though you do play of the same levels again in order to collect stars. By collecting a set number of stars, you can then proceed to the next level and there are five chapters to this game. By playing the levels again, you also unlock a variety of bonuses from concept art to music videos and items that can be used in Lumi's garden which are just a few of the unlockable content included in this game. There are also specific tasks that can be performed as well in order to unlock more stars for your progress.

The gameplay of Child of Eden is truly one of the most original games on the XBox 360 at present and is a combination of a shooter meets music based rhythm game. Your goal is easy but an element of skill is involved as you shoot the enemies with your hands but the key is to shoot the enemies in rhythm with the music. That is the basics of the game but there is quite a bit of strategy involved as you use the oct-lock to target eight enemies at a time and then destroy them with additional points being awarded to your timing.

By waving your hand over an enemy, it will lock them onto your target and by moving your hand forward, it will cause you to fire on the enemies. Another fun mode of destroying enemies is with euphoria and by raising your arms in the air, this will basically destroy all enemies on screen at once like a smart bomb. With that said, the Kinect controls work quite well and reminds me a little of Tom Cruise from the minority report as you use your hands and arms to interact with the gaming world. It should be noted that a standard 360 controller works just as well, however it's far more accurate to use the Kinect and is actually more fun.

The downside of the Kinect is that after an hour or more of play, your arms do get tired and when you use euphoria and move your arms in the air, it will cause the camera to move but in the grand scheme of things, it's only a small issue. The biggest challenge in the game apart from collecting stars is fighting the bosses at the end of each level which do you give a challenge, especially the bosses that morph into different creatures. The trick with the bosses is to find the correct weapon to destroy them. In terms of multiplayer, it is absent and I really hope that a sequel will involve more than one player because co-op would have been brilliant. There are however online leaderboards.

Graphically, Child of Eden is an amazing looking game on the XBox 360 that contains some beautiful virtual worlds that you engage from space-like levels to more earthy endeavours that contains lakes and butterflies. It's quite surreal. Apart from the surreal graphics, Child of Eden has a very cool electronic soundtrack that is like a living entity when used in conjunction with the graphics. The soundtrack, although not any mainstream band is easily one of the best video game soundtracks of the year, thanks to Genki Rockets who created the score for this game. This title has the gameplay, graphics and the music!


Once again Tetsuya Mizuguchi has created an amazing game, just like he did with Rez those so many years ago. Child of Eden however is far superior thanks to the FULL HD graphics, a beautiful soundtrack and almost flawless Kinect controls that work perfectly with the gameplay. You may be able to knock the game over in a few hours but it offers a considerable amount of replay value that will keep you coming back for more and more. Child of Eden is definitely a must have title for your collection and can be played by both the casual or hardcore gamer. Highly Recommended!


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