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Captain America Super Soldier XBox 360 Review - -

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 7.0
Value 7.5
Distributor: SEGA
Review Date:
July 2011
Edwin Millheim


Captain America Super Soldier

Captain America: Super Soldier had such potential, perhaps we were hoping for more because of the iconic subject. There are moments when we have some actual fun with this star spangled beat-um up title. The bland graphics don’t plead the case for the game, while our star spangled hero looks awesome as does his shield the world around him is nothing interesting, and filled with jaggies in the graphics.

Like most games, there are different levels of difficulty, though gamers, if you want a bit more of a challenge make sure you play it at the highest level of difficulty. A bit more time in development may have done some more for the game. There are some areas where there is clipping, on some stairs and in one sprawling prison area, poor ol Cap got stuck between the end of a bunk and the cell wall. Took some doing but I did at last get unstuck.

The game does have some fun kick butt moments, with the good old fashioned right and left cross as well as the iconic shield throwing. These are the times when things are the most fun, when Captain America is fighting through the enemies. This is when the game is at its best. The acrobatics and plat-forming are fun moments as well…but again…I had the most fun when Cap was dealing out the beat down.

Through the course of the game, our hero can get upgrades to his fighting and shield with cool new moves. So there are a visual variety of moves that come off very satisfying indeed, when unleashing our hero on the forces of Hydra. Ducking and dodging foes and doing counters helps fill up a meter, once this is filled Captain America can execute a special move called a crippling strike. Better yet to savor the awesomeness that is Captain America, it’s done in slow motion to show off the entire bone crunching splendor.

There are fast fluid moments ala Batman Arkham Asylum like fighting, where our hero can flow from an attack and chain several together and a whirlwind of awesome iconic moments. Complete with using the shield… throwing the shield is rather satisfying. Being able to bounce the shield amongst a group of enemies in a star spangled disk version of lethal pin ball is a blast. Another cool feature is the ability to block a bullet and send it back to the person firing it. This does need a little timing skill, but is cool when you can pull it off.

Disappointing moments are using the shield in defense; Cap is stuck in one position and is unable to move. Bummer…but understood, it’s a tradeoff.

There are also points of plat-forming, but this it seems needs little skill no matter what level of difficulty you play it at, a few button mashes and Captain America is jumping, flipping, and swinging from point to point in no time flat.

Plus Captain America spends some time finding files and reports and intel that helps him on this adventure. Some schematics give information on certain enemy types and therefore they give Cap a bit of an edge on how to defeat them and exploit weaknesses.

Cap is well represented, but the game assumes you know this hero already and what drives him. This is Captain America after all. With no back story to speak of, in regard to Caps origin, I was worried that it would miss the full spirit of Captain America. Perhaps in some ways it does, it fails to portray the heart and soul of this living symbol. The story shows hints of it, and Chris Evans voice talent sells our hero and makes him a bit more real to us….I have to admit, I was not sold on Chris Evans as Captain America…after seeing what he did to bring this hero to life on screen…. He won me over. Chris Evans voice over work for the game is a solid and welcome addition. He is Captain America.

Happily enough the story line handles the introductions well enough in the form of two hapless U.S. Army soldiers who are on guard duty in the trenches. The scene does a nice job of introducing the Captain America concept from the average grunts point of view. Is all the hype about this hero really true? Or is Captain America just propaganda? I won’t ruin it for you; I will say the soldiers soon become believers.

While the game is of course coming out around when the major motion picture is hitting screens, thankfully it is not following the movie. We get to break new ground here with “Captain America: Super Soldier” Cap has to head off after an even bigger threat during World War II, or at least Marvel Comics version. Facing off against the forces of Hydra, our hero has to fight his way through a Bavarian castle complex chock full of Hydra soldiers of all sorts, as well as other classic Captain America Villains.

As noted Captain America: Super Soldier breaks no new ground, so of course the standard puzzles to open doors and sabotaging equipment is in place. Opening doors is handled by a decryption device that sort of resembles an enigma machine… so applaud the designers for some tweaks here and there in the game…because yes we do notice. Most of these puzzles involve steady thumbs as, you must use the analog sticks to move two images together and match up numbers. Simple in many respects but is a welcome change of pace.

The story while having its moments is dull, that and so- so graphics keep this title from being a major contender in the super hero hall of fame. While not a cursed bad game, Captain America: Super Soldier is super short… it’s not a complete miss, nor is it a bull’s eye.

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